Towards the realization of fruitful program!

The Committee accepts applications for research travel to support a part of its cost as follows.

Research Travel:

The Research Travel Support focuses on creative research or preparation for project related to European Capital of Culture (ECoC). This grant will support the early phases of a project which would allow artists and creative professionals to get latest information, discuss and develop their ideas together.

Travel purpose:

Research, preliminary visits to the venues, and meetings for the practical preparation of programs in the past, current, future ECoC.

*For your information: List of host cities of European Capital of Culture:

(Please note that the eligible “past ECoCs” are the ones since 1993, which EU-Japan Fest has started to support.)

Grant amount and payment details for each travel type:

Travel type Destination Participant’s nationality Grant amount Eligible applicant Grant payment
1 Past, Current, Future ECoC
→ Japan
Any *200,000Yen Participant Cash
(in Japan)
2 Japan
→ Past, Current, Future ECoC
Any *200,000Yen ECoC or local cultural operators in ECoC Bank transfer
3 Other city in Europe
→ Past, Current, Future ECoC
Japan only *100,000Yen ECoC or local cultural operators in ECoC Bank transfer
4 Past, Current, Future ECoC
→ Other city in Europe
Any *100,000Yen Participant Bank transfer

*Special amount from July 2022. Amounts are subject to change depending on the global situation.

Application submission:

  • Application submission dates:All year round
  • Application deadline: 3 weeks before the participant’s departure date
    *We would like participants to have enough time to prepare their research travel, such as to get meeting appointments, planning preliminary visit to venues or exhibitions, etc., to make it fruitful.

How to Apply:

  • Please send an e-mail to EU-Japan Fest office to get the application form.

  • Fill in the all blanks of application form and submit as follows.
  • [Required documents]
    • Application form by PDF file
    • Participant’s portrait photograph (size: larger than 1MB / 1200 x 1600 pixels)
    • Support request letter issued by current and future ECoC
      *For past ECoC: Support request letter issued by local cultural operator who is responsible for participants’ travel.
    EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee:
    by E-mail or via file transfer service

Support Decision and payment method:

  • Notification of support decision: within 1 week from receiving application
  • Payment method: by cash or bank transfer (see above table)
  • Payment date:
    • For participant of travel type 1: the date of the meeting at EU-Japan Fest office in Tokyo
    • For participant of travel type 2~4: within 3 weeks after receiving all requirements of research report from participant

Meeting with EU-Japan Fest staff (only for travel type 1 & 2)

Type 1: Participants should have a meeting with staff of EU-Japan Fest at the office in Tokyo during stay.
Type 2: Participants should have a meeting with staff of EU-Japan Fest at the office in Tokyo (or web meeting) before their departure.
Meeting schedule is to be decided with participant.
We will make the payment of our support during this meeting.

About Double Taxation Treaty

To avoid double taxation, various countries conclude bilateral treaties known as Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements.
Travelers from countries which conclude Double Taxation Treaty with Japan, there is no need to pay tax to the Japanese government to receive this grant.
Travelers from countries which does not conclude this treaty is required to pay 20% of tax; however, you can avoid this taxation and receive the full amount of grant by submitting the original receipts of the travel cost to us (Air fair, hotel, etc.). Please find more information in the application form.

For your information: “Double Taxation Treaty”

Requirements after the travel [IMPORTANT]:

Participant should submit the followings within 30 days from their leaving date.

  • Research travel report form by excel file
  • Photographs of research and meetings
    Number: 5-10 photos
    Size: larger than 1MB / 1200×1600 pixels

EU-Japan Fest Japan
*by E-mail or via file transfer service

within 30 days from participant’s leaving date.

Important Information for Applicants

  • One application form for each applicant.
  • Up to 2 people applying for the same project (each applicant should send application).
  • Be sure to fill in all information required in the application forms.
    Incomplete application forms and missing material (e.g. missing photographs, incomplete data) will result in rejection of the application.