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From Preparation to Holding,
and Beyond to Legacy
European Capitals of Culture is
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European Capitals of Culture is an art festival with a long history that was launched in 1985. Since then, the festival has been held in 31 EU member states and neighboring countries, beginning in Athens (Greece), and has developed into a global initiative with participation by artists from more than 100 countries, including Japan.

EU-Japan Fest was established by volunteers from the Japanese business community and ambassadors of European countries to Japan in response to a request for cooperation from the Cultural Capital of Europe Antwerp in 1993. EU-Japan Fest provides support to the Cultural Capital of Europe from the preparation of the program, to the holding of the event, and to the continuation of the program after its completion.

About ECoC

The “European Capitals of Culture (ECoC)” which has been continuing over 30 years since 1985, is one of the best-known cultural projects in the European Union (EU).

Triggered by an opinion

“To realize the true integration of Europe, mutual understandings on our culture, i.e. our identities are necessary”

by Ms. Melina Mercouri, the then Greek Culture Minister, the system of ECoC started in 1985 with an objective “Celebrating unique culture in European cities and regions together”.

ECoC has become a global project gathering artists from over 100 countries in the world including Japan. In the city hosting ECoC, a variety of programs are delivered over the title year.


[ About EU-Japan Fest ]

European Capital of Culture Antwerp 1993 was the occasion for a request by the government of Belgium for Japanese participation in the events of that year, and EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee was formed with the support of prominent members of the business community and EU member country ambassadors to Japan.

Held in over 55
Supporting 80
programs per year
Over 32,000
artists participated

Support Framework


The support is not only offered to the host city during its title year; but also for the continuing programs of past host cities and for the preparatory activities of future host cities.
We support for arts and cultural activities related to past, present, and future European Capitals of Culture.

Mobility Support

Mobility Support

Support for sustainable exchange activities started from the title year of ECoC.

Meet Up ECoC!

“Meet Up European Capital of Culture!” is an online meeting point for the European Capitals of Culture (ECoC) and Japan-based artists (any nationality)/Japanese artists abroad. It aims to facilitate smooth communication between organizers and artists on the occasion of the presentation & networking events in Japan/ Europe, or of the research travels to Japan.