[#KeepgoingTOGETHER Progoram Vol. 18] Fumiko Sengoku Soprano Fumiko Sengoku Performance Movies - EU・ジャパンフェスト日本委員会

[#KeepgoingTOGETHER Progoram Vol. 18] Fumiko Sengoku Soprano Fumiko Sengoku Performance Movies

Fumiko Sengoku|Soprano Singer

1. Impressions of your online distribution

I’ve never thought about doing online activities like making my performance video and uploading the video before. Because I thought live performance is the best situation for classical music. But I could find many attractive points to use online performance. I could know that there are many audiences all over the world. I hope I could continue this new activity as much as possible. I was so disappointed that all concert was cancelled due to the infection. But it was very happy to get the chance of this online project. I found the new points of view of my performance. I deeply appreciate of  EU-Japan Fest. Thank you so much.

The 1st Video 「Edvard Grieg “Spring “ op. 33  no. 2」

2. Fruition and Challenge Acquired through Online Activities

For me, it is difficult to upload all performances of my concerts. Because there are many audiences who pay for performers. And I felt one more issue. I did not record my concert videos for uploading. It was just a “record”. If I making new videos for uploading, I need the technic of DTM and materials like microphone etc… to get to professional quality of the good music sound and performance. The other hand, I found some subscriber on my YouTube channel, I could feel there are people who interested to watch my video performance. Musicians can not hold the concerts now, so it is a very good tool to provide music for the audience this situation, but if I continue this activity I have to think about monetization.


The 2nd Video 「Oskar Merikanto Ma elän! (I am alive!)Op.71-1」

3. What did you struggle with and devise in preparing for online distribution?

It was very hard for me to upload my performing video on YouTube. Because I was believing that the best thing is the live concert for classical music. That is why I have never uploaded my performance on the internet or SNS before. If I would have concerts by ourselves, I consider the acoustic sound of the place (concert hall, live house, salon, etc.) very carefully. I uploaded this time that was the music festival where it held at the public space. That is why we used the microphone then. At that time, we were having some professional sound engineers. Besides, they were tuned the acoustic sound when even we perform at the stage. I think this video has a similar sound of that concert for the audience with the microphone. If I upload the concert video next time, I will consider this point.


Soprano Fumiko Sengoku Performance Movies

  • Date: The 1st Video was distributed on 28 April. The 2nd came out on 16 May 
  • Contents: Uploading on YouTube Fumiko Sengoku’s former concert performance
  • Promotion tool: Facebook
  • Distribution tool: YouTube Fumiko Sengoku
  • Number of the audience: 
    The 1st Video got 177 (As of 7 May)