[Financial Support Program for On-line Activities # KeepgoingTOGETHER. vol.2] Kage-e-joshi Live ~Pray for the World~ - EU・ジャパンフェスト日本委員会

[Financial Support Program for On-line Activities # KeepgoingTOGETHER. vol.2] Kage-e-joshi Live ~Pray for the World~

Shuichi iida|Sales and Promotion department, Shadow Play Theatre KAKASHIZA
  1. Time, number of people, and environment required to prepare for online performance.


    -Rehearsal Period: 1 week
    -Number of people: 5 casts (2 lighting staff, 2 sound staff, 1 shooting staff, 1 internet technology specialist, 1 manager)
    -Environment: Internet connection environment, live studio space, lighting equipment / sound equipment / 4K camera, PC(Macbook Pro)

  2. What did you struggle with in preparing for online distribution?

          Investment in the equipments and environment to deliver the live streaming contents. It was necessary to purchase a set of cables for cameras,PCs and the internet environment and the live streaming test had to be done with a run-through every time. Although the lighting equipment was not a problem, we asked a professional sound operator who committied into the project from making a plan.

    -What we cared more for the audience :
          The timing of the start and end of live distribution. Panels and projections have been taken into consideration for viewers waiting in front of the screen.
    If the delivery is too long, the amount of viewing will be reduced. We set it shorter than usual work, and made it easy to enjoy. Originally, the theater company’s official youtube channel was a great place to promote works for customers, but with this opportunity, we plan to distribute what can be enjoyed as video content at any time.

  3. What was changed or modified from normal distribution or archive creation?

    From March 2020, We have done live streaming of 4 titles,in total of 7 stages. 
    The first live streaming used Wi-Fi, but the communication situation was unstable and the video stopped several times. Changed to wired based on that. From the second time on,distribution can be performed without any problem.
    For outdoor live distribution, pocket Wi-Fi is used. Although it was a wireless connection, the distribution was generally stable.
    We also paid attention to the broadcasting time of the performance. Since the school has been temporarily
    closed, we have set the starting time at 11:00 and 14:00 during the day,when children could also watch. We learned the importance of the time setting for the target audience.

    In addition, we leave videos in the channel of archive for those who missed it for a limited time.In addition,the broadcasted videos are archived on our channel for a limited period.
    For this live streaming,initially we intended to distribute for adults,not for children.
    For the reason,the streaming time was set at 21:00.We also prepared the projector for subtitles because it was meant for overseas distribution.The cast spoke some English texts,and we also promoted the event in English on social medias

    EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee also promoted our program in SNS and that’s why audience of overseas enjoyed it.



    -Date: April 11, 2020 (Sat) 21:00~21:30
    -Title: Kage-e-joshi Live ~Pray for the World~
    -Contents: Hand shadow performance
    -Promotion tools: Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,company website,mail,news release
    -Delivery tool: Youtube
    -Number of audience (in total): 140 people