[#KeepgoingTOGETHER Program vol. 12] Poetry with you - EU・ジャパンフェスト日本委員会

[#KeepgoingTOGETHER Program vol. 12] Poetry with you

Takeo Oshima|Poet

Q1. Achievements and challenges of online distribution

Since I had almost no experience to editing videos, I am able to learn the skills through this distribution.

This program has important mining for me because I could not organized any poetry shows or reading party from the second half of March. After this broadcast, I received warm messages from French, Canadian and German friends. I really felt the power of online distribution.

Making and Editing video took me more time than I imagined. This was a mistake for me. I could not advertise enough before broadcast. From the second time, I want to advertise more and try hard to increase viewers.


Q2. Time, number of people, and the environment required to prepare for online distribution.

I spent 3 hours for shooting and 8 hours for editing although I broadcasted about 13 minutes this time. It is caused by shortage of knowledge and skills of me. Especially, I did not master the handling of software. And another big problem was, I re-shot the video because I found a factual mistake in my talking. Generally, I spent much time than I expected. I believe that I solve these problems from next time.

The shooting was done by me and my wife. The editing was done by myself.

We shot this video in a living room of our house.


Q3. Utilization and development of online streamings in further activities.

This program “Poetry with you” will be delivered every Tuesday night in the future. This time I delivered talking+reading, but from next time, I will broadcast different contents every time. For example, introducing poetry of in and outside of Japan, Talking with guest poet, broadcasting from outside of my house after the coronavirus situation will be resolved…etc.

Anyway, I will continue Online distribution in the future. It can deliver contents to worldwide audience in real time. For a poet like me, It has a lot of possibility that is different from publications or live shows have. If we will experience epidemic, disaster or war again, Online distribution can be valuable option. I will test and seek what we can give, What we can share, what get by this program.



  • Date: 5 May 2020(The first distribution)
  • Contents: Poet Takeo Oshima’s program “Poetry with you” is delivered every Tuesday at 10pm (JST). As the first day, I talked about how I got started in poetry reading. The reading will be from my work “Walking on water”.
  • Promotion tool: Facebook、Twitter、Instagram
  • Delivery tool: YouTube
  • Devise to get a reaction from the audience: Using hashtag (#poetrywithyou #keepgoingTOGETHER)
  • Number of audience: 79(As of 10:00, 7 May 2020)