#KogirevisitsEurope November 2020 (1) - EU・ジャパンフェスト日本委員会

#KogirevisitsEurope November 2020 (1)

Shuji Kogi|Secretary General of EU-Japan Fest




I leave for Europe tomorrow. The infection continues to get worse though, the European Capitals of Culture are working hard to be creative. This time, I aim to grab the current situation at next year’s host cities and to discuss future efforts. Thorough disinfection measures have been deployed and preparations are done. I expect that there are many topics and information I can only gain by visiting the host cities.







Finally, I depart from Narita by Qatar Airways. First, I fly to Doha. All the passengers are given face shields, and it is mandatory to wear them on the plane. Here I go. 





I arrive in Doha, Qatar, at 5:00 am. Stores at the airport are open, and passengers are coming and going. June was the peak for the number of infection cases in this country. By applying it to the population size in Japan, the number of cases should be 90,000 per day at that time. Currently, the number of cases in Qatar is fairly low, around 8,000 a day. With this situation, there is a relatively calm atmosphere. I feel the difference compared to the current confusion in Japan.


To be continued…