[#KeepgoingTOGETHER] Vol.4 Chihiro ITO 365 Days Art Project - EU・ジャパンフェスト日本委員会

[#KeepgoingTOGETHER] Vol.4 Chihiro ITO 365 Days Art Project

Chihiro ITO|Painter / Artist

Q1. Impressions of your online distribution

For the past month, for the better or worse, I’ve been making almost one piece of work every day in this pandemic environment. I came back to New York three days ago, but during that time I couldn’t draw as I expected due to my stay at the airfield, delays in flight, and unfamiliar living conditions. Although my work in the past is enormous, I am aiming to share more than 7 paintings in a week, so I have to keep try to be careful for making works from usual times. I have come to realize that this is a very good way to train my own work.


Q2. Utilization and development of online streaming in further activities.

Currently I am doing online sharing mainly on pictures taken, but in the future it would be interesting to share a video with a simple picture or a video of the production process from 30 seconds to 1 minute. I’d like to make regular distributions to my email list so that more people can know and see about this project.

As for online projects, imagination is unknown because it is an unpredictable genre.

Q3. Has there been a difference in the number of viewers, comments, and other responses compared to past implementation cases?

It’s been a month since I started this project at now. (This is 1/12 of the entire project period)
In this project, reactions such as “Follow”, “Like”, and “Comment” on Instagram are those from unrecognized people is increasing by making it a project. (Past was mostly friends on the distribution on SNS until now.) Also, until now, I have shared my activities on SNS by mixing things that are not directly related to the work, such as my daily scenery photos, awards and publication about my books, articles, but in this time I am share about only my paintings as stoic. Since most of the paintings have a lot of “likes” now, the audiences can intuitively select the work, and as a result, it can be seen well as data as to which work is most popular. It would be a feature.



Chihiro ITO 365 Days Art Project

●Period: 365 days(From April 6, 2020)

●Contents: Chihiro ITO will share his painting every 1 week between 365 days.

●Promotion tool:
(tumblr) https://chihiroito365daysartproject.tumblr.com/ 
(Instagram) https://www.instagram.com/chihiro_ito_365 
(Twitter) https://twitter.com/ito_365

●Distribution tool:
(tumblr) https://chihiroito365daysartproject.tumblr.com/ 
(Instagram) https://www.instagram.com/chihiro_ito_365 
(Twitter) https://twitter.com/ito_365

●Devise to get a reaction from the audience:
・Using hashtag.
・I wrote about this project in my serial article in Asahi Newspaper
・I submitted a request for publication on the university’s announcement page and in newspapers.
・Scheduled to be posted on the activities in the page to introduce Musashino Art University graduates (as of: May 12)
・An article in the Japanese Weekly Newspaper “Shukan New York Seikatsu”

●Number of audience(in total):more than 10000