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From the organizer

The art-communities of Turku (European Capital of Culture 2011), Dubai, Hamburg and Kobe have established this project in cooperation.  Local artists will be exchanged between communities and they will give exhibitions and lectures with a help of regional artists and citizens.  This time, Ms.KAWAGUCHI Nanako and Mr.SAKURAI Rui participate the project from Kobe and will give solo shows in B GALLERIA in Turku from the 12th of May.  In turn, Ms.Jenny MILD, Mr.Sami PIKKARAINEN and Mr.Paul FLANDERS from Turku will work in Kobe from January 2017 for two months, joining an overview symposium.  A final report will be made from this discussion.


26 Apr.– 30 Jun. 2016


artist residence at Pääskyvuori

Participate Japanese artists:



Related Program

12 – 29 May 2016

 Rui SAKURAI Solo show 

12 May 2016

Artist Talk

Lecture on C.A.P.


To be based on the concept of the earth and the wind, Ueda Rikuo has produced the works so-called "wind drawing", by the mechanical devices that are designed to harness the wind to create the works of art.

This project's theme is "winds~crossing Borders" focused  on the concept of coexistence with the  environment  and people. I was asked to hold the exhibition by the gallery, it's called Rostrum in Sweden, which is a Non Profitable Organization. Gallery Rostrum is situated in Malmö and was founded 1985. As an Artist-run non profit Gallery we present a yearly programme of a large and broad variety of contemporary art through exhibitions, art-projects and cultural events. 

Ueda has worked with Danish artist Steen Rasmussen and will participate in the program of Aarhus 2017, European Capital of Culture. 


20 Aug. – 11 Sep. 2016


Gallery Rostrum

Participate Japanese artist:

Rikuo Ueda


The melody of peace from Hiroshima long awaited by the Basque people

From the Organizer:

"Peace Treaty” is one of the main projects of San Sebastian 2016. This exhibition, focusing on peace, has great significance for the Basque country because there was a conflict for the sake of regional independence for more than 40 years. Four radiated watches, which stopped at 8:15 due to the bombing, are exhibited in cooperation with Hiroshima Peace Memorial Site for this special occasion. As part of this project, San Sebastian invited young and professional music group "ATOWA" from Hiroshima, where enormous attention has recently been drawn by President Obama’s official visit. Their music can be delivered to the world with a message of peace.


5 Jul. 2016


San Telmo Museum


ATOWA: Koto (Kagura flute), Tomoko Kihara (Koto), Sayaka Tubokita (main pianist and composer), Shiho Nakagawa (soprano)

Related program:

  • ATOWA concert
    Date: 6 Jul. 2016
    Venue: Japan EXPO (Paris)

Nishiaizu International Art Village and Gallery have invited many artists from European countries and have especially been keeping good relationship with Lithuanian artists and their country. After 5 years from the Great East Japan Earthquake, they restarted the exchange program to invite young Lithuanian artist and send Japanese young artist, Tetsuya TAKIZAWA, an artisan of Japanese Paper. TAKIZAWA plans to have an art exhibition of his art works which will be well researched Lithuanian history and culture on the art making process. He also will have lectures and workshops at the Vilnius Art Academy. Meanwhile, Nishiaizu International Art Village will invite young Lithuanian artist and support his/her creative activities and exhibition in Fukushima and Tokyo.  


1 Sep.-31 Oct. 2016


Vilnus Academy of Arts (Vilnus, Lithuania) 
Nishiaizu International Art Village, Space S (Yama District, Fukushima pref.)

Japanese participant:

TAKIZAWA Tetsuya (Paper artist)

Other participate artists:

Lithuanian artist selected by Lithuania artist federation

Related Program

  • Lecture and workshop by TAKIZAWA Tetsuya
    Date: Sep. or Oct. 2016
    Venue: :Vilnus Academy of Arts , Vilnus city, etc

  • Lecture by Lithuania artist, Workshop 
    Date: Sep. or Oct. 2016
    Venue:Nishiaizu International Art Village, Space S




 ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK is an annual international festival for architecture and the urban environment. It will have its 9th editionbetween Sept. 30th and Oct. 9th 2016 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In 2016 the festival treats the subject of citizen participation and seeks to illustrate its transformative power.
The festival’s curators have selected as a speaker at the festival’s Forum Ms. Momoyo Kaijima from the Tokyo-based architecture office Bow Wow. She will be one of the keynote speakers at the professional forum of the festival. Bow Wow’s extensive practical and academic experience in the field of housing, urban planning and the issue of commons was the reason for making this choice. Bow Wow is one of the best known young architectural practices from Japan.
The Forum of ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK consists of an one-day long series of lectures (on 8th of October) of prominent international professionals from the architectural field from all over the world.


30 Sep. -  9 Oct. 2016

Date of Forum

8 Oct. 2016


House of culture

Participate Japanese artist

Momoyo Keijima (Bow Wow Architects) 

Other speakers

- David Juarez (Straddle 3, Spain)
- Gabor Szohr (Ujirany, Hungary)
- Stefan Forster (SFA, Germany)
- Doina Petrescu (Atelier d'Architecture Autogeree, France)
- Michelle Provoost (Crimson, The Netherlands)

Seventy-one years on, a way to peace posed by the heritage of Hiroshima

From the Organizer:

The Peace Treaty project has always been the cornerstone of the dss2016 cultural programme, being its main project which, would provide the necessary scope for us to talk about the main thematic pillars of our candidature: peace and coexistence among different peoples and cultures in San Sebastian and Europe. This year, a project, containing a wide variety of activities related to the Peace Treaty, started in 2013 and the process that has been built until 2016 will be represented together.

This exhibition is driven by a collaborative work methodology, under the artistic direction of Pedro G. Romero, and is presented in different formats, different institutional spaces, and hinges upon the collaboration with a large team of local and international agents. In order to reconsider peace, four clocks are to be taken from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum as symbolic examples.

At the end of its entire process, the legacy generated and left by Peace Treaty shall be immense, in terms of experiences, heritage, and documentary deposits and publications. 


24 Jun.-2 Oct. 2016


Museum San Telmo, Donostia
Koldo Mitxelena, Donostia

Artworks from Japan:

four clocks from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum


A modest tale inspired by pine trees surviving disaster. This performance by two Tohoku-born artists evoked quiet passions in Wroclaw.

Initial mime play has been performed by two Japanese artist from Tōhoku - actress Yumi Sato and pianist Ko-Ta Ishihara. They created a short study inspired by the sole pine tree which survived the cataclysm. In 2015 Yumi arrived to Wroclaw to improve her stage technique, after few attempts finally finding her place at workshops organized by Fundacja Pantomima and conducted by Katarzyna Śnieżka Sobiszewska, former actress of Wrocławski Teatr Pantomimy. The meeting gave further impulse of creating new performance in international collaboration of the three artist. Katarzyna has created new story, direction and choreography. Yumi was starring as the main character of Jazz Singer, Katarzyna as Protective Spirit and Ko-Ta Ishihara playing his music live, appeared as Beloved Man. Traditional culture was consulted by Yumi's mother, a tea ceremony master. The public reception of the performance both as an artistic project and as a commemoration of the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 is difficult to be objectively measured in terms of involved emotions – we can only say that we have seen a strong experience on the faces and in the short talks just after the show.

(Maciej Pogorzelski)


11 Mar. 2016


Sala Kameralna

Japanese artist: 

Yumi Sato (actress pantomime), Ishihara Kota (pianist)

Related Programme:

  1. Feb. -11 Mar. 2016Mime workshop and rehearsals for the performance by Yumi Sato Klub pod Kolumnami, Tropical Dance, Chamber Hall Impart
6-11 Mar. 2016Rehearsals for the performance by Ko-Ta



A joint exhibition of works by Noboru Sonehara and Elna Kaasik. Sonehara is a photographer who visited Kihnu Island in Estonia every year for these 5 years and kept taking photos of the people and life of this Intangible cultural heritage registered small island. Kaasik is an Estonian textile artist known as a pro-Japanese and actually has many Japanese friends. The exhibition will be held in a gallery of National Library in Tallinn, which was the European Capital of Culture in 2011. It is the aim that through this exhibition more Estonian civics get interests in Japan and Japanese mind. 


1-22 Oct. 2016


National Library of Estonia Entrance Gallery

Participate artists:

Noboru Sonehara
Elna Kaasik

Aikido was founded by Ueshiba Morihei around 1944. Since then it spread around the globe, through the great effort of Ueshiba sensei's many students. Aikido dojo Plzen was established in 1992 as group of enthusiastic people. Besides regular training organizes at least two international aikido seminars per year, with prominent teachers from Japan, Sweden, France or Finland. Since 1997 Aikido dojo Plzen cooperate with Tanaka Kouichi, 7. dan aikido. In 2015, Aikido dojo Plzen took active part during the Pilsen2015 with three minor and one international seminar.
This year, they invite Mr.Kei Izawa, International Aikido Federation secretary general, and Koichi Tanaka to conduct weekend aikido seminars and a lesson about the life and philosophy of the aikido Founder.

Seminar 1 :

Date: 30 Jun. – 3 Jul. 2016
Venue: Plzen, TJ Slavia hall             
Shihan: Koichi Tanaka, Stefan Stenudd
Other participants: Stephan Schroder (Denmark), Alexander Ermakov (Austria), Hans Geshe (Denmark), Sylvia Mucke (Denmark), Anders Heinonen (Sweden), Horst Schwickerath (France) and other 60 people from Czech Republic
Related programs: 
  • Aikido seminar with Tanaka Kouichi
    Date: 24 to 26 Jun. 2016
    Venue: Berlin and Denmark

  • Aikido DAN grading
    Date: 2 Jul. 2016
    Venue: Plzen, TJ Slavia hall

Seminar 2:

Date: 27-29 Jan. 2017
Venue: Plzen, 31st Elementary School               
Shihan: Kei Izawa 

Research Travel:

Travellers: Jaroslav Sip, Head Teacher of Aikido dojo Plzen
                        Jiri Basl,chairman of Aikido dojo Plzen
23 Sep. - 6 Oct. 2017
Location: International Aikido Federation Congress, Takasaki, Gunma

Japanese and Basque artists give depth to each other's fine art and culinary cultures

From the Organizer:

Espacio Reflex is to bring in 2016 two artists from Japan. One chef and one multidisciplinary artist. The idea is to research into common themes between the Basque country and Japan. The location of San Sebastian and it relationship with the ocean provides a fresh material to join with a traditional cook in a Japanese way. This is a collaboration to investigate on the gastronomic habits of the two cultures. In the other side, they are planing to invite a contemporary artist to work with Reflex in a local based idea. 


Nov. 2016


Espacio Reflex


A chef and a multidisciplinary artist (T.B.C.)


Paradise AIR, Youkobo Art Space

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