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Contemporary Shiga prefecture captured by Cypriot photographers

This photography project has launched in 1999 to capture contemporary Japan by European photographer’s point of view. In the 19th round of this project, 2 photographers will be invited from Cyprus - one photographer of Turkish Cypriot and another one of Greek Cypriot. They are going to stay and take photographs in Shiga prefecture. 
Cyprus, the country of European Capital of Culture Pafos 2017, has been divided north (Turkish Cypriot) and south (Greek Cypriot) since 1974 due to dispute. From the photographs of Shiga prefecture captured by these photographers, the people in Shiga will rediscover their daily life, and will come in touch with the history and diversity  of Cyprus. These works will be published as photograph book in August 2017 and open to public as the exhibition in Pafos 2017 - European Capital of Culture and Shiga prefecture. We hope that this project could be an opportunity to encourage mutual understanding between not only Shiga and Cyprus, but also Turkish and Greek Cypriot.


Shiga prefecture

Photographer / Photographing period:

●Ergenc Mehmet Korkmazel(Turkish Cypriot)
 4-27 Nov. 2016

●Constantinos  Taliotis (Greek Cypriot) http://www.constantinostaliotis.com/
  7-28 Mar. 2017

Artistic Director: 

Mikiko Kikuta

For more details of this photography project: https://www.eu-japanfest.org/project/japantoday/


First of all, TIFF Residency, program organized by TIFF Center for which we invited Yuji Hamada to spend one month in Poland and develop his photographic ideas, finished with intriguing exhibition presented in Wrocław’s gallery. It was a fantastic possibility to see a different perspective on an environment that Polish people think they know so well. The residency helped us to set up a new cooperation with the international and national partners that we appreciate very much. Moreover, TIFF Residency gave us a chance to start amazing contacts that might help us to develop more projects between Polish and Japanese photographic world. It was refreshing and interesting project for us, and hopefully – also for Yuji Hamada.

Written by Paulina Anna Galanciak (Coordinator of TIFF Residency)


1 Sep.-12 Nov. 2016


Wroclaw, Poland

Japanese Artist:

Yuji Hamada


Date Programs Place
10 - 24 Sep. 2016 Trips in Wrocław and Lower Silesia  
21 Sep. 2016 Radio interview Radio Wrocław Kultura
25-28 Sep. 2016 Working on exhibition conception Wrocław
25-28 Sep. 2016 Working in darkroom Wrocław
27 Sep. 2016 Radio interview Radio Luz
28 Sep. 2016 Meeting with the artist Barbara: infopunkt / kawiarnia  kultura
29-30 Sep. 2016 Working in silkscreen workshop Wrocław
3-12 Nov. 2016 Exhibition BWA Studio
A festival dedicated to music and contemporary art from Japan.
Audiences were stunned by the extensive program including dance performances, installations, video and concerts.

Avant Art Japan 2016 Festival was held in 3-8 October in Wroclaw, and it involved 16 Japanese participants within 19 various events - concerts, films, performance, workshop and a photo exhibition. It was a unique opportunity to present to Polish audience the wide and various range of Japanese culture and art. For artists it was a unique opportunity to establish long term artistic cooperation (Nao Nishihara and Pawel Romanczuk project and residency – to be continued in future), to create a space to perform with each other for the first time (Phew, Alex Hacke), or to start planning the next year cooperation (Naoki Kato and Avant Art). Due to the long stay in Wroclaw, which was a suggestion of an organizer for all festival’s guests, the artists had opportunity to visit Wroclaw and to get familiar with Polish culture in assistance of Avant Art’s staff and volunteers.

--Written by Katarzyna Gołecka


3-8 Oct. 2016

Japanese artists:

Keiji Haino, Aya Irizuki, Phew, Nao Nishihara, Ken Mai、Buffalo Daughter (SuGar Yoshinaga, Yumiko Ohno, MoOoG Yamamoto), Ikue Mori, Group A (Sayaka Botanic,Tommy Tokyo), Kyoka, Aoki Takamasa, Naoki Kato, Keisuke Masuda, Junya Ishii, Masaaki Ueno
Guest Curator: Keiko Yoshida (1985 TOKYO Underground Gin Satoh - selected pieces’ exhibition)

Participants from other countries:

Balazs Pandi (Hangary)、Paweł Romańczuk (Poland)、Alexander Hacke (Germany)、Danielle de Picciotto (Germany)、 Zamilska (Poland)、Kristen (Poland), 2G (Poland)


Date Programs Artists Venue
3 Oct. 2016 Concert Keiji Haino Firlej
4 Oct. 2016 “Yximalloo” Tadhg O’Sullivan, Feargal Ward New Horizons Cinema
5 Oct. 2016 “Thread Clay”  Aya Irizuki Swiebodzki Station
Concert Phew
„Live from Tokyo” Lewis Rapkin New Horizons Cinema
6 Oct. 2016 "Mau Ka San”  Nao Nishihara, Pawel Romańczuk Paweł Romańczuk Studio
Concert Kristen  
Concert Phew、Alexander Hacke、Danielle de Picciotto Swiebodzki Station
7 Oct. 2016 XESDERCAS  Ken Mai Bar Barbara
Concert 2G Swiebodzki Station
Concert Buffalo Daughter
Concert Ikue Mori
"Live House”  Kevin Mcgue New Horizons Cinema
8 Oct. 2016 Concert Masaaki Ueno Swiebodzki Station
Concert Group A
Concert Nao Nishihara
Concert Kyoka
Concert Zamilska
Concert Takamasa Aoki
Butoh Workshop Ken Mai Bar Barbara
 "2045: Carnival Folklore” / Sierror! Naoki Kato, Keisuke Masuda, Junya Ishii Swiebodzki Station
5-8 Oct. 2016 1985 TOKYO Underground Gin Satoh - selected pieces’ exhibition  Gin Satoh Swiebodzki Station

The outcome of the program was a production of an exhibition in MWW (Museum of Contemporary Art Wrocław) situated in the central area of the 5th biggest city in Poland. The exhibition has been widely commented on including main radio stations (Program Pierwszy Polskiego Radia, Program Czwarty Polskiego Radia, Radio Kamus, Radio RAM) and online. The exhibition consisted of 5 exhibition spaces, two of which included video screenings. In other spaces over 3500 photos from the project Lost & Found were displayed on the walls. Moreover, two books were displayed- an original photo album and a photobook about the project made by Munemasa Takahashi.  

Written by Maciej Bujko


1-11 Sep. 2016


Wroclaw Contemporary Museum (MWW)

Japanese artists:

Munemasa Takahashi

Other participated artists:

Miyuki Hinton, Joanna Ziajka

Related Program:

●Munemasa Takahashi's Talk
  Date: 2 Sept.2016
  Venue:  Wroclaw Contemporary Museum

Three up-and-coming Japanese photographers in pursuit of the essence of photography

The tenth edition of GETXOPHOTO took place from September 1st to October 2nd 2016 and it was structured in two large sections: exhibitions and activities. True to the impeccable standards of Jokin Aspuru (curator and director), all the works that comprise the artistic programming of this edition, in addition to the original thematic richness they cover, have the virtue of reflecting the broad spectrum of genres and photographic styles that are practiced today. This edition has been a meeting point among public in general, photography amateurs and professionals. The 20 free of charge exhibitions included three Japanese photographers' ones and mainly concentrated in public spaces in the city for the whole month. In addition to this, many educational activities were organized, and we can say that the activities program has been a great success.

Begihandi Kultur Elkartea, the creative association behind the festival, is very satisfied with the way the latest edition of GETXOPHOTO went. The quality of the programming, the ever-increasing numbers of spectators, the excellent reception afforded the activities (guided tours, children’s programme, workshops, encounters...) and the thousands of visits to the web page all lead the organization to rate this edition as the most satisfactory held to date. The figures are eloquent: we estimate that the installations outdoors were visited by over 70,000 people, while those indoors were viewed by more than 15,000.

Written by Jokin Aspuru (curator and director)


1 Sep. -2 Oct. 2016


Getxo, Spain

Japanese photographers:

Manabu Yamanaka, Chino Otsuka, Ken Kitano

Other participants:

Irina Werning, Bohnchang Koo, Amit Sha’al, Jérémie Nassif, Amy Friend, Eulalia Abaitua, Carlos Ayesta & Guillaume Bression, Matthew Pillsbury, Rachel Sussman, Mark Formanek, Kris Sanford, Daesung Lee, Ori Gersht, Michael Wesely, Luce Lebart, Anna Katharina Scheidegger

Japan-related programmes:

  • Exhibition: Gyahtei by Manabu Yamanaka
    Date: 1 Sep. to 2 Oct. 2016
  • Exhibition: Imagine finding me by Chino Otsuka
    Date:  1 Sep. to 2 Oct. 2016
  • Exhibition: Our Face by Ken Kitano 
    Date: 1 Sep. to 2 Oct. 2016

Basque and Japanese researchers discuss the roles of traditional culture and sports in international society

Olympic Games are the brainchild of current globalization. The countries’ international prestige is at stake in the swimming pools, running tracks and football pitches. The games are the field test of greater geopolitical agendas: a good medal count is the best credit a ruler can get.

Far from the sport event, the exchange between East and West has enriched both sides. Europe gets a glimpse of a new philosophy that, under the influence of eastern thought can unite western mind and body in a radical manner. The Far East in turn, can find in the permanence of European traditional games a vital essence, a local identity that inspires a new way of doing things, a new model in which they may project their own conviviality.

Written by Professor Joseba Etxebeste Otegi


5 Sep. 2016


Miramar Palace           

Japanese participant:

Pr.Kazuyuki TAKETANI. University of foreign studies of KOBE
Pr.Hironori FUNAI. Institute of sporting culture of XXI century
Pr. Osamu NISHITANI RIKKYO University. Tokio

Other participant:

Pr. Joseba Etxebeste Otegi, University of Basque Country (EHU-UPV)
Pr. Jesús Mari, Ilundain-Agurruza Linfield College (USA)
Pr. Pere Lavega Burgués, National Institute of Physical Education of Catalunya (INEFC- LLEIDA)
Pr. Axier Oiarbide Goikoetxea, University of Basque Country (EHU-UPV)
Pr. Estibaliz Romaratezabala Aldasoro, University of Basque Country (EHU-UPV)


The concept: “At play with the Earth!” The Japanese temple fair was the theme for presentation of Japanese music, dance, film, recreation and culinary culture

The 2nd edition of CINEMA CARAVAN held at San Sebastian aimed to provide visitors of all ages, a comprehensive cultural and artistic experience through five senses. This  was  successful  through programs which included film shows, exhibitions, music and dance performances in a space created with contemporary interpretation of traditional Japanese “en-nichi” festival with food stalls, as well as several related programs; director’s talk and Japanese food workshops.

The project put importance to cultural and  artistic  exchanges. Thorough collaboration with Japanese, European and local artists in variety of fields, we have deeper understandings and stronger ties, and we expect continuous collaborations with CINEMA CARAVAN.

Written by Oihana Orcajo


16-25 Sep. 2016


Plaza de la Trinidad and Sociedad Gastronomica

Japanese participants:

Rai Shizuno, Gen Nagashima, Michinori Maru, Kaori Ishii, Masaya Kobayashi, Naohiro Ito, Keita Yamada, Sano  Tatsuya,  Kazuaki Komiya, Kurando Shoji, Segi Satoru, Makoto Yokota, Ryuta Iwaii, Hisako Yazawa, Yuusuke Saito, Ayumi Kojima, Michiko Shizuno, Sonoko Inoue, Erica Endo, Ryuji Hirata, Naoki Kasahara, Akemi Kuribayashi, Mariya Tabe, Yukie Yamada, Natsuko Morita, Akira Okura

Other participants:

Nicolai Fedder (NL), Eneko Sierra (ES), Itziar Orbegozo (ES), Iñaki López Allende (ES), Inés García (ES), María Berazadi (ES),  Iona Lake (ES), Luc Rolland (FR), Javier Sarria (ES), Javi Pez (ES), Penélope Cerezo (ES)


 Date  Programme  Artist
 16 Sep. 2016  Live performance  ―
 17 Sep. 2016  Live music and video performance
 with basque guest
 Las Marines DJs (Inés García, María  Berazadi), DJ Iñaki  Lopez Allende
 18 Sep. 2016  Free Japanese food tasting
 Music and dance performance
 Video performance 
 Gen Nagashima and Tatsuya Sano
 DJ Penelope Cerezo
 19 Sep. 2016  Free Japanese food tasting
 IKKON NO KEIFU film and director talk
 Kaori Ishii
 20 Sep. 2016  HITONIGIRI NO SHIO film and director talk  Kaori Ishii
 21 Sep. 2016  Fashion film
 Itziar Orbegozo in collaboration with Iona  Lake
 Kazuaki Komiya
 22 Sep. 2016

 Music performance

 Naohiro Ito, Gen Nagashima, Nicolai Fedder  and Eneko  Sierra
 23 Sep. 2016  Surf art
 Snowboard-Surf-Skate Short movies
 Music performance
 Luc Rolland
 Naohiro Ito, Nicolai Fedder
 24 Sep. 2016  Tokyo Tribe film
 Live music and video performance
 25 Sep. 2016  Cinema Caravan all star performance  ―

The flowering silhouette tradition speaking to our times

The Kakazhiza performance “Hands shadows animare” is a light and shadows performance that creates and brings to life animals, and other characters. I had a chance to appreciate their performance for the first time in 2013 during my research trip to Japan. This year, It was a great honor to invite Kakashiza and  a master on shadow puppet theatre Mr. Goto to the World Puppet Festival 2016 that were not easy to achieve unless in an opportunity such a Europe Capital of Culture.

It was a very interesting performance as the artist have a very high artistic level and they not only play, but also show to the audience how they did it, so the performance was very entertaining and educational at the same time.

Written by: Idoya Otegui (Festival Director)

Festival Date:

28 May to 5 Jun. 2016

Kakashiza's performance date:

2 Jun. 2016


Teatro Principal

Japanese participant:

Shadow Play Theatre KAKASHIZA


Hand Shadows ANIMATE

Participants from other countries:

Marionetteatern – Sweden / El Espejo Negro – Spain / Lichtbende Theatre – Netherlands / Shobei Tamaya & Karakuri Ningyo - Japan / ASSITEJ & Speeljtheater – Southafrica / La Enananaranja – Spain / Puppets Lab – Bulgaria / La Licorne – Francia / La Fontana Sombras Animadas – Portugal / Hand Made Theatre – Spain / Unterwaser – Italy / Tol Theatre – Belgium / Laura Heitt – U.S.A. / Wild Theatre – Autriche / S.A: Marionetas – Portugal / Creature – France / Titiriteros de Binefar – Spain / Marcelo Lafontana – Brasil / Roberto White – Argentina / Markeliñe – Spain

Related program:

  • World Puppet & UNIMA Congress 2016
    Date: 28 May to 5 Jun. 2016
    Venue: San Sebastian, Tolosa

Wide-ranging exhibitions and workshops on the themes of interrelationships among art, society, nature and technology.

Eco Expanded City, an exhibitions-cum-workshops project, has combined series of events, exploring imagined and real, historical and potential relationships within society, art, nature and technology as they are rendered in artistic and design practices, revealing their mutual interpenetrations and interdependences. In this context, Japanese media art has served as a kind of metaphoric laboratory for applied futures in which art, science and technology are equitably employed for the recognition of the world. Cooperation with Japanese artists and guest curators resulted in a selection of splendid installations, video screenings, artist talks and presentations. These collaborations, both ongoing and just initiated, continue within such projects of the WRO Art Center, as the Mots, Crabs, Fluids exhibiton at the Koszyki Hall in Warsaw (October-November 2016) or the 17th Media Art Biennale WRO 2017 Draft Systems (May-June 2017).

Eco Expanded City:

Date Exhibition Japanese participants and their works Venue
13 May – 3 Jul. 2016
UTOPIAS of Expanded City 
Takahiko Iimura, MA: Space/Time in the Garden of Ryoan-Ji
Hajime Narukawa, AuthaGraph
AKI INOMATA, Why Not Hand Over a «Shelter» to Hermit Crabs? (curator: Junya Yamamine)
Akira Wakita, Furnished Fluid 
WRO Art Center, Wrocław
15-19 May, 2016
Ichiro Higashiizumi + Selene creative team, Moonbell
the Mikveh of the White Stork Synagogue, Wrocław
14-31 May, 2016
Synthetic Nature 
exonemo – Kensuke Sembo + Yae Akaiwa, Fireplace (curator: Junya Yamamine)
Kazuhiro Goshima, Shadowland (curator: Koyo Yamashita)
Ai Hasegawa, I Wanna Deliver a Dolphin (curator: Yukiko Shikata)
Takamasa Iwasaki, The Symptoms of Nature: From Four Poems (curator: Yukiko Shikata)
Macoto Murayama, Botech Compositions 
Shota Yamauchi, El Condor Pasa (curator: Yukiko Shikata)
the Pokoyhof Passage,
13 Jul.  – 4 Dec. 2016
Metabolism of the Anthropocene
Ai Hasegawa, I Wanna Deliver A Dolphin, video installation+chart
AKI INOMATA, Why Not Hand Over A «Shelter» To Hermit Crabs? White Chapel Series, video, documentation of artist talk
Hajime Narukawa, Authagraph World Maps, wallpaper, prints + video + video documentation from the Utopias exhibition in WRO Art Center
WRO Art Center, Wrocław

Related Program:

Date Program Japanese participants and their works Venue
15 May 2016
Meta-ecologies. The World Inside Us -screening program with introductory lecture
Hikaru Suzuki, Mr. S and Doraemon
Yoko Kuno, Airy Me
Ayaho Kawakami, Odekake
Ryo Hirano, Paradise
Chiaki Ishizuka, Portrait of Daucus Carota
Natsumi Aoyagi, Incubation Diary
Maaya Miki, On 3.11, Walking Back Home With Growing Soap Bubbles: 2016 ver.
the White Stork Synagogue, Wroclaw
15 May 2016
Ichiro Higashiizumi – artist talk
Ichiro Higashiizumi, Simon Laroche (CA), David Szanto (CA), Lynn Cazabon (US)
the Mikveh of the White Stork Synagogue, Wrocław
15 May,
17, 24, 31  Jul. 7, 14, 21, 28 Aug.
ASA – Japanese Matinée, a screening of Japanese animation for families and children
Shiriagari Kotobuki, Dog & Bone
Yoji Kuri, Funkorogashi
Koji Yamamura, Fig
Yoshihisa Nakanishi, Bio City, Loopic Cube
WRO Art Center, Wrocław
15 May 2016
Authagraph – the new world map, a performative lecture for families and children
Hajime Narukawa
WRO Art Center, Wrocław
17 May 2016
Conference Interfaces, Codes, Symbols. The Future of Communication. Lecture
by Hajime Narukawa - Authagraph World Map – The New View of the World,
lecture, introduction to the session titled The Map and Territory. The
Cartography of Hybrid Reality
Hajime Narukawa
the White Stork Synagogue, Wrocław
8 Jun. 2016
AKI INOMATA – artist talk
AKI INOMATA, Junya Yamamine, Agnieszka Kubicka-Dzieduszycka
WRO Art Center, Wrocław
9 Jun. 2016
Cracks of Reality a screening with introductory lecture
Akihiko Taniguchi, Holly Herndon, Chorus 
Masashi Yokota, Kioku Zenkei 
Michiko Tsuda, She Would Come Back There to See Her Again on the Following Day #1, Occupants and King in the Configuration Forest – Defective Formal Logic #1
Shota Yamauchi, Flying Bread
Eriko Sonoda, Space is the Place
Noriko Koshida, on the shore of the desk, something in the spiral world
WRO Art Center, Wrocław
29 Jun. 2016
Behind the Walls – screening program with introductory lecture
Mikio Okada, hierophanie
Isamu Hirabayashi, Textism
Kazuhiro Goshima, Z Reactor
Isamu Hirabayashi, 663114
Shigeo Arikawa, It Has Already Been Ended Before You See the End
Shunsuke Hasegawa, Vanishing Circuit
Rieko Ouchi, Reply; Repeat Repeated; Delete; Favorite Favorited
Akira Miyanaga, Wavy
WRO Art Center, Wrocław

Co-curator from Japan: 

Yukiko Shikata, Junya Yamamine, Koyo Yamashita


Linking Japan and the Basque region: Artist exchanges with view to long-term relationships

From the Organizer:

The International Residency programme is one of the cores of the Artist's Space. The aim of Artist's Space is to provide artists and cultural agents resources for the development of artistic projects. These resources include working studios, technical equipment, an international residency programme, as well as a programme for supporting practices and enhancing their visibility. 

Curatorship is one of the core lines of the Artist’s Space. Around this matter we organize different activities such as a curatorial programme and a residency for curators. In our first curatorship curatorial open call, the resident spent one month in Tabakalera where she met few local and national artists and agents in order to develop a show exhibition in our exhibition halls by the end of 2016 .

In this sense, we want to make a residency exchanges with other institutions and initiatives. For this application we would like to begin and exchange between AIT and Tabakalera . This residency will provide time, conditions and space to work and know other contexts . A Basque curator will visit Tokyo for 4 weeks and a Japanese artist will visit San Sebastian, the proposal is that they spend together half of the residency in each country so they can meet spaces and agents hosted by the local curator.

Finally Tabakalera offers a project room where both artists can co-curate a project cycle during 2017, this cycle will show four site specific projects: two by Japanese artists and two by Basque artists.


28 Nov.- 25 Dec. 2016 ( Maki Nishida )

4 Dec.- 31 Dec. 2016 ( Haizea Barcenilla )



Participating artists:

Maki Nishida 

Haizea Barcenilla


Tabakalera ( Maki Nishida )

Art Initiative Tokyo (AIT) ( Haizea Barcenilla )

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