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Czech-based dance network spreads around the world

A festival of contemporary dance held annually by the non-profit Tanec Praha since 1991, the Czech Dance Platform this year operated in linkage with European Capital of Culture Plzeň 2015. As well as select performances of contemporary dance, the festival also featured workshops and seminars, and dance pieces describing the host country. The high-quality program attracted people involved with dance from around the world, also making the festival a networking opportunity. Yukio Suzuki and Ayano Honda took part in 2014, and their observations from the perspective of dancers had a great influence on their subsequent work. In 2015 the Japanese critics Takao Norikoshi and Megumi Ikeno took part. Their take-away from Czech contemporary dance was not only the high level it operates at, but the “abundance with admissibility” that makes room for interlocutors from outside. One looks forward to the development of much cooperation in dance between Japan on one hand and the Czech Republic and Europe on the other.


9-12 Apr. 2015


: Ponec theatre, Theatre Archa, Studio Alta, Alfred ve dvoře, NoD (Prague)

 Participants from Japan: 

Takao Norikoshi, Megumi Ikeno (Dance Critic)



 Special feature on Tokyo culture, global and leading edge 

The main project of Mons 2015, Home & Away introduced audiences to the contemporary culture of eight world cities – London, Milan, Lille, Casablanca, Montreal, Melbourne, Pilsen and Tokyo – through wide-ranging arts programs.

            Home & Away – Tokyo featured such participants as the creative production Groundriddim including young DJs and musicians curated by Thomas Duchatelet and Kyomi Ichida, formely of the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, and Passerelle-Japon, based in Liège, Belgium, which works to acquaint the public with Japanese culture, in a wide-ranging program encompassing such fields as traditional culture, contemporary art, street culture, fashion, music, dance and cuisine. Home & Away aggregated the appeal of Tokyo the multifaceted global city that presents numerous faces from the traditional to the contemporary. Drawing 5200 visitors over ten days, it proved the most popular of the eight Home & Away projects.


15-25 Oct. 2015


Maison Folie of Mons

Produced by:

Thomas Duchatelet (associated curator of Tokyo Week) Kyomi ICHIDA (associated curator of Tokyo Week) GROUND RIDDIM (Japan)

Photo exhibition "European Eyes on Japan / Japan Today vol.16" is being held in Kochi. Kochi is the location of this photobook. The exhibition will be held in partnership with Sawada Mansion Gallery room38, one of the supporters for the project by Nina Korhonen (Sweden) and Alexander Gronsky (Latvia). On the occasion of the photo exhibition in European Capital of Culture Umea 2014, delegation of Sawada Mansion Gallery visited the city and had a fruitful and meningful stay. Opening ceremony in Kochi welcomed Mr. Normans Penke, the ambassador of Latvia and the exhibition as been attracting significant number of audience. During the exhibition period, various related programmes such as Open Portfolio Review and Photography Contest will be held in close communication with local residents. We hope this exhibition and the original perspectives of two European photographers towardKochi will become a good opportunity for the local people to re-discover their city and daily lives from the new horizon. Organiser : Sawada Mansion Gallery room38 http://sawaman-room38.com/ For the details of this exhibition, please visit our website :https://www.eu-japanfest.org/n-japantoday/japantoday.html


10th Oct. - 29th Nov., 2015


Museum of art WARAKOH (Kōchi Prefecture, Kouchi City) http://warakoh.com/museum


Alexander Gronsky (Latvia) Nina Korhonen (Sweden)

Artistic Director:

Mikiko Kikuta

Related Programme

●Opening Event

Schedule: 10th Oct.

●Artist Talk

Schedule: 10th Oct.  (Alexander Gronsky, Nina Korhonen) Venue: Museum of art WARAKOH Price: Free of Charge (Exhibition Ticket Required)

●Open Portfolio Review

Schedule: 11th Oct. 2015 Reviewer: Alexander Gronsky, Nina Korhonen, Mikiko Kikuta Venue:TACOGURA (Art Zone WARAKOH SOKO)

●Mikiko Kikuta Gallery Talk

Schedule: 12th Oct. 2015 Venue: Museum of art WARAKOH Price: Free of Charge (Exhibition Ticket Required)

●Photo Contest 'My favorite Kochi'

Requirement : 1. Photographic work (A4 size / 1 piece) 2. Application form ※for further information, please visit the official website http://sawaman-room38.com/ Qualification : citizens of Kochi (free of charge) Application Deadline : 4th Oct. 2015 (applictation documents to reach to the office) Announcement of Result : 11th Oct. 2015 at TACOGURA
Czech aikido, boasting a history of 40 years Within the five days of Aikido seminar participants had the unique opportunity to meet three top ranking teachers, who had for certain time been pupils of martial arts legend Nishio Shoji (1927-2005, 8 dan aikido, 7 dan iaido, 6 dan judo, 5 dan karatedo). Each teacher, being a holder of 7 dan Aikido, held two classes per day, so the participants could have attended six classes every day and most of us did so. Over one hundred people from Japan and Europe attended the seminar. Aikidoka from Japan, Czech, German, Austria, Poland and Sweden met together and enjoyed exchanging experience under guidance of the teachers.


Date: 12-16, Aug. 2015 Venue: TJ Slavia hall Shihan (lecturer): Tanaka Kouichi, Takemori Yasuhiko


Aikido Dojo Pilsen

Bonsai culture takes root in Northern Europe

The Umeå branch of the Swedish Bonsai Society held the 28th Umeå Bonsai Exhibition. Established in 1986, the branch now has a membership numbering around 150. The group works to improve knowledge and techniques of bonsai cultivation through workshops and demonstrations held annually by instructors invited primarily from Europe. A host city of the European Capital of Culture in 2014, this year Umeå showed some forty bonsai works, including some employing materials taken in the wild from local habitats. In a first, the exhibition welcomed a Japanese instructor, bonsai master Takahiro Mori, who offered workshops and demonstrations, and provided critiques of members' bonsai. Ranging widely across such technical aspects as shaping and display methods to theoretical questions such as how to open space, the program proved a valuable opportunity for the society members to make great progress in their future bonsai activity. At the bonsai show open to the public, many people from the local community enjoyed this “dialog with Nature”.


September 12-13, 2015



Culture House Klossen Umea



Takahiro Mori (Bonsai MORI)





Discussing urban futures in Malta, crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe

It was in 2004 that Malta joined the European Union. A short ways to the south across the Mediterranean lie the North African countries of Libya and Tunisia. For geographical and historical reasons, the Maltese capital of Valletta, designated a 2018 European Capital of Culture, is suffused with the atmosphere of a crossroads of cultures and civilizations. The country became globally newsworthy and made a leap in name recognition in December 1989 when the American and Soviet leaders President George H.W. Bush and Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev met there to proclaim the end of the Cold War. Since joining the EU, Malta's role as a bridge linking Europe, Africa and Asia has attained prominence, and the “Cultural Mapping” conference in Valletta was appropriate to our times of parallel globalism and localism.


22-23 Oct. 2015


Mediterranean Conference Centre and other (Valletta, Malta)

Japanese participant:

Hiroshi Okano (Professor, Urban Research Plaza, Osaka City University)

Related Program

  • Film screenings – David Jackson « This is not my house », Paola Ponti « RADICI »

23 Oct. 2015 / St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity (Valletta, Malta)

  • Spatium Clausum (specific installation by artist Trevor Borg)

22 - 23 Oct. 2015




A Japanese proposal for Bulgaria on cultural activities in local communities

One Architecture Week is a festival organized in Plovdiv, a 2019 European Capital of Culture, by the One Foundation for Culture and Arts, an organization that plays an important role in popularizing contemporary culture. The aim is to promote the active involvement of local residents and improve the quality of architecture and town planning through forums, exhibitions, workshops, debates, children's events and the like. At a symposium titled “On common(s) and commoning” Sakiko Sugawa, director of the Kyoto non-profit hanare, took part in the discussion on ways of building and being involved in communities, and ways of raising significant contemporary social issues. Participants described and compared their experience and various examples of engagement from around the world. After the demise of Communism, the concepts of coexistence and dialog received the cold shoulder in Bulgarian society during the 1990s while individualism gained preeminence. It is only in recent years that at last chances have begun to appear for taking another look at social life. Hanare's publicity for “Examples of jointly imagining social environments while fomenting a sense of community and coordination” provoked a tremendous response in the hall.



28 Sep.2015


Tobacco Warehouse (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

Japanese participant:

Sakiko Sugawa (hanare)


The 4th Japanese Culture Festival will be held with the European Bonsai Association(EBA) and European Suiseki Association(ESA) Convention in Vilnius, Lithuania. This Festival aims at showcasing tradition and transformation of Japanese performing arts to local audience and international participants of European Bonsai Congress. Professional dancer Miyuki Matsunaga, will present a unique “geta dance” which blends elements of traditional and contemporary dance and theatre . The festival will open with Keiko Borjeson jazz quintet’s show “Japan Jazz Messengers”. The program will include jazz improvisations of Japanese songs and original compositions. Dancer Miyuki Matsunaga and Keiko Borjeson will present joint performance at the gala concert. Demonstrations and workshops of washi paper, presented by master Sadao Mino, ikebana and calligraphy will enrich the Festival’s program and provide the visitors with the opportunity to experience sophisticated Japanese culture phenomena cherished in the contemporary life.
EBA & ESA Convention / The 4th Japanese Culture Festival: http://www.bonsailithuania.com/ 


4-6 Sep. 2015


Lithuanian Convention and Exhibition Center LITEXPO


-GETA DANCE by MIYUKI MATSUNAGA -Jazz concert by KEIKO BORJESON & "JAPAN JAZZ MESSENGERS" -Washi workshop by Sadao Mino -Dalia Matulaite sculpture exhibition -Dalia Doksaite sumi-e exhibition -Sho exhibition -Origami exhibition -Washi exhibition -Ikebana exhibition -Kimono exhibition -Japanese doll - kokeshi exhibition -"UNTOLD STORY OF SURVIVAL" photography installation and workshop -Ikebana demonstration by Miwako Tsuchiya, Yoshino Tokuhira, Laimute Vanagiene -Calligraphy demonstration by Yoshino Tamura -Origami demonstration by Souka Toyoda -Aikido-Kendo-Iaido Show by Kyumeikan Kendo Dojo Lietuva -Tea Ceremony -Haiku exhibition -Lecture "Women Calligraphy in Japan" by Gabija Kauneliene -Lecture "Five stanzas for Donelaitis or language of sculpture" by Dalia Matulaite -Lecture "Japanese way of thinking and communication ethics" by Arvydas Alisauskas -Lecture "Historical Styles of Japanese Gardens" by Aurelijus Zykas -Exhibition official opening cerenomy: collaboration performance by Miyuki Matsunaga(GETA DANCE) and Keiko Borjeson (jass singer) -Lecture "Ikebana - the language of flowers" by Laimute Vanagiene -Lecture "Work in Japanese Company" by Andrius Gelezauskas -Kimono Demo Show by Japan agency "Yukari" -Lecture about Washi by Sadao Mino -Japanese railroad presentation by Atsushi Niwa -Ikebana workshop by Miwako Tsuchiya, Yoshino Tokuhira, Laimute Vanagiene -Washi workshop by Sadao Mino -Origami workshop by Souka Toyoda -Calligraphy workshop by Yoshino Tamura -Zen meditation -Lecture "Unknown Japan" by Andrius Gelezauskas and more...

Related program:  

European Bonsai Association(EBA) and European Suiseki Association(ESA) Convention

Date: 4-6 Sep. 2015 Venue: Lithuanian Convention and Exhibition Center LITEXPO

Design Fair

Date: 4-6 Sep. 2015 Venue: Lithuanian Convention and Exhibition Center LITEXPO
New Japanese independent cinema 2000-2015 is the thematic retrospective programmed by the San Sebastian Festival for its 63rd edition, to take place from September 18th to 26th in San Sebastian, European Capital of Culture of 2016. Beyond the bounds of the films produced by the big studios, the phenomenon of independent cinema in Japan has generated an important source of cinematic creativity expressed in a series of films produced outside the industry. This category includes not only the first works by young directors, but also those by a series of long-standing filmmakers who find greater expressive freedom in this territory outside the clutches of commercial cinema. The cycle therefore becomes an overview of Japanese independent production in the last 15 years, a showcase offering the opportunity to discover the vitality and energy of the film industry in that country thanks to the work of some of today’s most eye-catching filmmaker. http://www.sansebastianfestival.com/in/


18th to 26th Sep, 2015


Principe Cinemas, San Telmo Museum and Antiguo Berri Cinemas

Screening Program:

H STORY by Nobuhiro Suwa Hole in the Sky by Kazuyoshi Kumakiri BORDERLINE by Sang-Il Lee A Snake Of June by Shinya Tsukamoto Bright Future by Kiyoshi Kurosawa No one's Ark by Nobuhiro Yamashita VIBRATOR by Ryuichi Hiroki Canary by Akihiko Shiota Late Bloomer by Go Shibata The soupe, one morning by Izumi TKAHASHI BASHING by Masahiro Kobayashi A STRANGER OF MINE by Kenji Uchida Birth/Mother by Naomi Kawase SEX IS NO LAUGHING MATTER by Nami Iguchi United Red Army by Koji Wakamatsu Fourteen by Hiromasa Hirosue SAD VACATION by Shinji Aoyama Love Exposure by Sion Sono PASSION by Ryusuke Hamaguchi Mental by Kazuhiro Soda PARADE by Isao Yukisada YELLOW KID by Tetsuya Mariko Love Addiction by Nobuteru Uchida HEAVEN’S STORY by Takahisa Zeze Sawako Decides by Yuya Ishii SAUDADE by Katsuya Tomita The Cowards Who Looked To The Sky by Yuki Tanada Kirishima Things by Daihachi Yoshida No man's zone by Fujiwara Toshifumi Cold Bloom by Atsushi Funahashi Au Revoir D’ete by Koji Fukada The Tale Of Iya by Tetsuichiro Tsuta MISS ZOMBIE by Sabu The Light Shines Only There by Mipo Oh SHARING by Makoto Shinozaki  

Related Program:

Date Programme Venue Participate Japanese Artist
18th-26th Sep. 2015 Retrospective Boook Presentation Press Conference Room at Kursaal Auditorium Shozo Ichiyama
18th-26th Sep. 2015 Q&A Principe Cinemas Shinya Tsukamoto
18th-26th Sep. 2015 Q&A Principe Cinemas Katsuya Tomita


Gathering of Japanese ballet dancers with global presence

With a ballet population of over 400,000, Japan is now reckoned among the great ballet powers of the world, and many Japanese dancers are active at a global level, including those who placed first and second in the Prix de Lausanne international ballet competition. Under the artistic directorship of dancer Yasuyuki Endo, the Yokohama Ballet Festival held a gala performance featuring top Japanese dancers working both in Japan and overseas. Endo works as a dancer and choreographer in countries around the world, not least at European Capital of Culture Marseille in 2013, and in Yokohama performed one of his own pieces together with Mimoza Koike. Acclaimed for harnessing a distinctively Japanese sensibility and originality, and for his deep artistic proficiency, Endo achieved considerable results with this production, including its continuation next year.



17-19 Aug. 2015


Kanagawa Kenmin Hall



“HANJYU” from Afternoon of a Faun

Choreography:Yasuyuki Endo

Dancers:Yasuyuki Endo, Mimoza Koike




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