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Reconsider the Nature and Art with the different perspectives of Japan and Latvia Japanese artist Masaaki Nishi is recognised for his manifest respect for nature, and nature continues to be a fundamental component of his works. Masaaki Nishi frequently endeavours to join incompatible materials, and, in order to clarify his relationship with nature, chooses a durable material –  iron. The artist prefers to leave his sculptures untouched for a long time because his work on forming them is a very fine balance between creation and non-creation. For young Latvian sculptors, the artist’s master classes will not only be a unique experience in working with a great master, they will able to view Latvia’s greatest resource – nature – from another perspective. Workshop students will explore the question of urban art in the context of contrast comprising two elemen ts – the natural and the man-made. Three outdoor works will be created during the master class, in three different materials and techniques. Organised by the Art and Information Management Centre.


25 Aug. - 8 Sep. 2014


Riga city


Masaaki Nishi, Aigars Bikše, and students of the Art Academy of Latvia

 Local organizer

The Center for Art Management and Information http://www.mmic.lv 
At the basis of Dance Move Cities project is a series of city residencies in Riga, involving international performing collectives working in collaboration with Latvian dance artists and drawing inspiration from the elements and phenomenas in the city. Japanese company Contact Gonzo will stay in residency in Riga for 4 weeks in August 2014 and together with a group of local dancers/performers will explore one of Riga’s suburbs, working site-specific in parks, squares, streets and places of social importance for local community (libraries, sports centres). Here they will they make regular artistic interventions in the public space and by the end of the residency develop and present a new collaborative creation for wider audiences.


Date: 4-31 Aug. 2014
Place: Grizinkalns
Japanese artist: Contact Gonzo *More details: New Theatre Institute of Latvia website

Presentation of new creation

Date: 23, 24 Aug. 2014 Meeting point: Koka Riga, Krāsotāju street 12 *More details: New Theatre Institute of Latvia website


contact Gonzo Founded in 2006, contact Gonzo is an improvisational performance group based in Osaka, Japan. This collective of five performers, has developed a specific mode of contact improvisation that borrows from sources ranging from martial arts to internet trends. Based on both physical strength and agility, and trusting relationships within the group, contact Gonzo powerfully balances elements of contemporary dance, performance art, and urban and popular cultures. Dispersing and occupying public buildings, theaters, museums and alleyways around the world, their work is typically a series of arresting encounters that teeter on an edge between violence and tenderness. Contact Gonzo has been presented in Japan, Singapore, New York, Moscow, Rio, Reykjavik, Zurich, Budapest, Ljubljana among other places.
Photo Diary focused on identity of both countries. "Notes of Beauty" is a photo project, implemented by the Latvian photographer, film director Aija Bley and Japanese photographer Ayaka Yamamoto. Both artists focuses on the search for a national identity and search for both cultures.
In the August 2014 Ayaka Yamamoto will go to Latvia, where she and Aija Bley will create photo diary about their trip in Latvia "Notes of Beauty". During this time, they also participate in the ISSP master workshop for photography, and make performance in the festival “Urban stories” in Riga, which will exhibit works created by Latvian trip.
In the end of September Aija Bley will go to Japan. She will be traveling there for a month and will create a photo story "Transparent".
Aija Bley photo works "Transparent" will be exhibited at 12th of December 2014 in central Riga showroom within the framework of the European Capital of Culture.


●"Notes of Beauty" Creative trip in Latvia Date: 1 Jul. - 21 Aug. 2014 ●"Notes of Beauty" Creative trip in Japan Date: 15 Sep. – 12 Oct. 2014

Workshop and exhibition

●ISSP workshop & exhibition in Latvia Date: 4 – 10 Aug. 2014 *More details: http://www.issp.lv/en/news
●Exhibition at the festival “Urban stories” Date: 18 – 21 Aug. 2014 Venue: Riga neighborhood Zolitude
●Photo exhibition“ Transparent” Date: 12 Dec. 2014 – 11 Jan. 2015 Venue: Riga Art Space

Participated photographers

Aija Bley (Latvia) https://www.aijabley.lv
Ayaka Yamamoto (Japan) http://ayakayamamoto.com/

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