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Meet the global culture through food! During three days 19-21 september 2014, Umea Taste Festival had more than 75.000 visitors who tasted and experienced food and drink, participated in workshops and listened to lectures by passionate foodies. One of the participating restaurants was the Japanese restaurant Sagami, owned by Junko Sano-Janze who also held workshops about sushi and sushi in combination with the regional specialty - fermented herring. The workshops made success with lots of participants. Among other things she talked about the importance of how to choose and boil rice in a correct way, as well as how to choose and cut fish. In the restaurant bar two kinds of beer was served; locally brewed beer and Japanese beer from Hitachino, which received great response from the visitors.


Date: 19 – 21 Sep. 2014 Venue: Umeå city center

Related program:

Sushi roll Workshop Date: 19-21 Sep. 2014 (3 times) Instructor : Junko Sano-Janze
Panorama of Japanese graphic scene  The organization of a double exhibition, which gathers three generations of Japanese artists that have influenced the international art scene from the 60s up to now. This project focuses on underground and avant-garde Manga in the field of visual arts, with popular and original drawings, forms, which has been edited by committed publishers. This recognition started in 1964 when Garo Japanese publishers discovered and edited underground and iconoclast graphic artists. Nowadays this legacy can be seen internationally for instance with the Raw, a review published by Art Spiegelman. This double exhibition entitled Mangaro and Heta-Uma is divided in two parts: one in Marseille (France) at la Friche la Belle de Mai and one in Sète (France) at the MIAM (International Museum of Modest Art) in October 2014. The first chapter is the exhibition Mangaro which displays a series of original Garo magazines. The second, Heta-Uma is the “live” version of the first chapter. The exhibition presents the pre-punk and post-hippie Japanese creation, by bringing together objects, posters and specific productions such as graffiti or performances.  

Exhibition "MANGARO"

Date: 17 Oct. 2014 – 1 Mar. 2015 Venue: la Friche la Belle de Mai (Marseille) http://www.lafriche.org/  

Exhibition "HETA-UMA"

Date:18 Oct. 2014 – 1 Mar. 2015 Venue: Musee International des Arts Modestes [MIAM] (Sete) http://www.miam.org/  

Japanese artist:

Kotobuki SHIRIAGARI, Mimiyo TOMOZAWA, Iimiri SAKABASHIRA, Jiro ISHIKAWA, Motohiro HAYAKAWA, Kyoichi TSUZUKI, Atsuhiro ITO, Masaya NAKAHARA, Norihiro SEKITNI, Hitoshi ODAJIMA, Takashi NEMOTO, Kousuke KAWAMURA, Hajime  YAMANO, Daisuke ICHIBA, Yusaku HANAKUAMA, HAMADARAKA, Maya NUKUMIZU, Oki-Chu, Masayoshi HANAWA, Shigehiro OKADA, Hideyasu MOTO, Yuka GOTO, Tetsunori TAWARAYA, Keiichi TANAAMI, Suzy AMAKANE, Yoshikazu EBISU, Suehiro MARUO, Hiroyuki NISOUGI, Keiichi OHTA, Nirotaka, Shintaro KAGO, pico pico, Teruhiko YUMURA, Chihiro FUKUSHI, Wataru KASAHARA, Fumics Pyoshifumix, Ichasu, Ichirinsya, Manook, Hideyuki KATSUMATA, Waste Style, Sakurako HAMAGUCHI, Kouhei YAMAO, Masakatsu TAGAMI
Presentation program connected  more than 700 cities of the world PechaKucha Marseille-Provence Group is operational since 2007, and was the first to be created in France. Since then, it's been organised an event every trimester, and hosted architects, designers and artists from Marseille, France and Abroad. They have had about 22 events so far with a growing audience : from 300 to 1300 people attending. More than 200 presentations have been showcased in almost 6 years. PechaKucha is a global organisation based in Tokyo with now over 700 representations all over the world. The concept was born in 2003 with Klein Dytham Architects that devised and shared this concept to the world, so it could become the largest independant design network.
For PechaKucha Night Marseille in 2013, Japanese artists Ms.Keeda Oikawa and Mr.Daisuke Akita were invited as one of labeled projects of Marseille-Provence2013 European Capital of Culture. This year, they invite Japanese architect Mr Ryo Abe.
PechaKucha Night Marseille-Provence Website: www.pechakuchanight.fr


29 Nov. 2014


Japanese artist:

Ryo Abe (Architect) http://www.aberyo.com/

Related program:

Venue (City)
27 Nov.2014
Lecture by Ryo Abe
ECV (Aix-en-Provence)
28 Nov.2014
Visit to Kedge Design School
Kedge Design School (Toulon)
30 Nov. - 1 Dec. 2014
Workshop by Ryo Abe
2 Dec.2014
Lecture by Ryo Abe
Luminy architecture and art university (Marseille)
3 Dec.2014
Ryo Abe Exhibition Opening
Marianne Cat Gallery (Marseille)
Since 1999 the bi-annual THESPIS festival has presented the status quo in monodrama theatre from all around the world. It is the only festival of its kind in Germany and has reached worldwide acclaim. This year’s 9th edition will be complemented by a special series: THESPIS junior, with monodramas for young audience. In this series, the show "TRUST ME" will be performed by the Japanese artist Hotaka Hagiwara, who participated in THESPIS in 2008. Other artists of THESPIS junior will come from Armenia, Poland and Germany. In the main section of THESPIS there will be performances from Denmark, the U.S., Great Britain, France, and other countries. International Monodrama Festival website: http://www.thespis.de/ 


8-15 Nov. 2014


Theater KielKulturzentrum DIE PUMPE a.o.

Japanese artist:



Related program:

●Symposium about Japanese theatre Date:11-12 Nov. 2014 Venue: Kieler Nachrichten Participants: Hotaka Hagiwara, Yasuko Nakada (Director of Hotaka Hagiwara), Minako Seki (Japanese dancer)
This concert by Shingo Sekiguchi Trio was one of the fruits of the research travel by Mr. Fagerland of Guitars-the Museum in 2013. In July, two shows were produced by Guitars – the Museum and co-produced by Umeå Jazzstudio, and they collaborated with the Umeå based jazz trio Rikard From & the Organics. Both concerts were full, and won acclaim locally. The concerts drew considerable attention from many music fans, gathering in Umea for the music festival UxU which took place in the same week.  


Umea Jazz Studio Date:17 Jul. 2014 Venue:Guitars the Museum   Guitars The Museum Date:18 Jul. 2014 Venue:Guitars The Museum- Scharinska Collaborated with Rikard From&The Organics  

Artist Profile

  Shingo Sekiguchi Shingo Sekiguchi is a Japanese guitarist, composer and producer. He started to play guitar at 14 years old and compose songs at 20 years old. Now He is multi-creator who do recording and mix by himself. He have many project like vusik (guitar trio), EART(duo with Kaoru Kodama(Vo) and Ovall (trio with mabanua (Dr),Shingo Suzuki(B). In 2009, he appeared on ASAGIRI JAM as Ovall. They had not release 1st album yet, so it was first time to see them for audience. But many audience said "Ovall was the best in this year!!” . In 2010, Ovall released 1st album “Don’t care who knows that” feat. Hocus Pocus, Wayna, Kenn Starr, Shinpei Ruike and Hanah. It was big buzz and they played big festival like FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, RISING SUN, GREENROOM, Seuset Live. In 2014,Ovall broke up but Shingo is going to
Beauty of Japanese tradition flow in Europe
Introduction is live performance of Shamisen and Shakuhachi with video of “The Jiutamai performance in Itsukushima Shrine etc by Tokijyo Hanasaki”.
The first Jiutamai is “Chaondo(Tea ceremony with nature)”. It is the tribute dance to the four seasons while serving tea at a ceremony by young girl. The next is Shamisen performance, it is a comical story of animals. These two programs are vivid. The third one is Shakuhachi performance, it is very calm sound. The last program is Jiutami “Kanawa”. This is the wife changed to the demon by jealousy. The theme is change from the girl to the demon.
After the performance, workshops of Jiutamai, Jiuta and Shakuhachi will be held.


Date Venue City
2 Oct.2014 Vilnius University Vilnius, Lithauania
3 Oct.2014 National Kaunas Drama Theatre Kaunas, Lithuania
5 Oct.2014 Marijanpole culture center Marijanpole, Lithuania
8 Oct.2014 Wilanow palace Warsaw, Poland
10 Oct.2014 Frederic Chopin music school Nowy targ, Poland


“Chaondo(Tea ceremony with nature)”, “Kanawa”  


Tokijo Hanasaki (Jiutamai)   http://tokijyo.com/
Kouichi Kikusei (Jiuta)  http://hijirinooto.web.fc2.com/
Toshimitsu Ishikawa (Shakuhachi)  http://shaku8-ishikawa.com/  

Related program:

●Workshops of Jiutamai, Jiuta and Shakuhachi Date:3 Oct. 2014 Venue: National Kaunas Drama Theatre   ●Workshops of Jiutamai, Jiuta and Shakuhachi Date:5 Oct. 2014 Venue: Marijanpole culture center   ●Workshops of Jiutamai, Jiuta and Shakuhachi Date:11 Oct. 2014 Venue: polish-japanese information university
SAUNA in the middle of the Esplanade! When Mr.Hayashi came to Riga and had a choice to get know Latvian culture in person, he was amazed how many things there are in common in Latvian and Japanese ancient cultures. But still there were also lot of things different. These two aspects were taking into consideration when the idea was born. The clash of two worlds that generates a new one by merging together understanding for traditions, importance of power of nature and human. In fall 2014, in a very city center in one of fountains of Esplenade onsen will be built. This interactive installation will be as paraphrase for public bathing. In Japan this is onsen, in Latvia this is swimming pool, because Latvian sauna requires privacy. You go into the sauna only with people that are close to you: relatives or people whom you like and trust. On the one hand this interactive installation demonstrates respect for nature, on the other hand ambitions to take a control of it.  City inhabitants and guests will have a possibility to take a shower in a log cabin and then enjoy outdoor wood-fired bath.


3-12 Oct. 2014


Esplanāde http://www.vietas.lv/eng/objekts/esplanade/


Hayashi Yasuhiko (Japan), Aigars Bikše (Latvia)

Artist's profile:

Yasuhiko Hayashi  The artist Yasuhiko Hayashi was born in 1971 in Higashiosaka. In 2001 he graduated from Planning Design Department, Faculty of Fine Arts of Kyoto City University of Arts. In 2001 together with Yusuke Nakano they established an art unit called Paramodel. Drawing on the industrial landscape of their native East Osaka, the members of artist collective Paramodel create dense but playful micro-worlds. Their work typically involves reorganizing everyday materials, such as toy railway tracks or plumbing tubes, into vast and complex systems covering the floors, walls and ceilings of gallery spaces, often creeping down hallways and into gardens. Paramodel’s modular systems are able to occupy any given space and are alive to their site: local communities are often invited to assist in the construction of the works, while elements of the location can be included as subject and material. Paramodel has had solo exhibitions in Japan and took part in group exhibitions all over the world. Their works can be found in several public collections. http://www.moriyu-gallery.com/artists/profile.html?artist_id=3&l=jp
Nature - from the point of view of the global art  Art exhibition in the forest of SATO-YAMA (village-mountain) in the past, which began in 1997. We named “MORI-LAB” as a collectively referred of this experimental project three years ago. And we built up participation type of event as the forest maintenance and workshop, not just looking at the exhibited artworks. In the art exhibition in this year, we have invited artists a total of eight, Cote d’Ivoire/living in Germany, Lithuania, Korea, USA) four Overseas, and four of Japan. This is an attempt to embody the nature of the forest from the point of view of the global art. It is the highlight of this project that how the circumstance and idea of nature of each artists will connect to art expressions in this forest. We will plan a forum together with participating artists talk about “Nature + Art site” of each countries. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SouzoutoMorinokoe1997


31 Aug – 5 Oct. 2014


A planning site of the Yokohama animal’s Forest park

Participated artists

[Japan] ASADA, Yoko Kiga, SUI ANRI, Moe Yashiro [Abroad] Jems Robert Koko Bi(Cote D’Ivoire, Germany resident), Ingrida Vaitkiene (Lithuania),Kyan Bishop(U.S.A), Kim, JungMin (Korea)

Related programs

*Art - Forest – Forum (discussion)

Date: 24 Aug.  2014 Venue:square of Exhibition site(A planning site of the Yokohama animal’s  Forest park) Lecturer:Jems Robert Koko Bi, Ingrida Vaitkiene,  Kyan Bishop.  Kim, JungMin, ASADA, Yoko Kiga, Sui Anri, Moe Yashiro

*Exhibition "from the Forest to Town"

Date: 24 Aug. - 6 Sep. 2014 Venue: Nakayama Station (Yokohama Municipal Subway) underground space Artist: Jems Robert Koko Bi, Ingrida Vaitkiene,  Kyan Bishop.  Kim, JungMin, ASADA, Yoko Kiga, Sui  Anri, Moe Yashiro

*Opening of Exhibition & Art tour

Date: 31 Aug. 2014 Venue: square of Exhibition site Artist: All of participating artist

*Workshop (Venue: square of Exhibition site)

7 Sep. 2014: "Making Bamboo music instruments" by Akatsuki Harada 14 Sep. 2014: "Forest Arabesque" by Yoichiro  Yoshikawa 14 Sep. 2014: "Making play house tableware by materials of the forest" by Moe Yashiro 14 Sep. 2014: "Potted Light" by Kiyotaka Tanaka 21 Sep. 2014: "Making a small creature living in the forest" by ASADA

*Closing event of the exhibition and Musical concert of bamboo

Date: 5 Oct. 2014 Venue: square of Exhibition site Artist: ASADA, Yoko Kiga, Sui Anri, Moe Yashiro  


The GROUP the Creation and Voice of the Woods https://www.facebook.com/SouzoutoMorinokoe1997
With an exhibition, events' programme and objects in the city contemporary art festival "Survival Kit 6" will look at the city as utopia – place that does not exist, but that one wishes to reach. Pointing out social, urban, political and economic aspects of utopias, festival will search for ideas and possibilities to design our city together.
"Survival Kit" is a reoccurring art festival, organized since 2009, when it began as a reaction to global economic crisis, forcing public to find new strategies of survival and encouraging artists to define modes of existence.
Sound artist and performer Ryoji Ikeda will present an audio-visual performance "datamatics [ver 2.0]" in Riga reflecting on the topic of the festival - city as utopian space.

Ryoji Ikeda performance

  Date: 7 Sep. 2014 Venue:  Cinema Splendid Palace Program: datamatics [ver 2.0]  

Festival information

  Date: 4-27 Sep. 2014 Venue: Vāgnera Hall (Vecriga) and former Boļševička Textile Factory (Ganību dambis 30, Riga) Local organizer: Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) www.lcca.lv *More details:   www.survivalkit.lv  

Artist profile

Ryoji Ikeda Ryoji Ikeda is a Japanese sound artist who lives and works in Paris. Ikeda's music is concerned primarily with sound in a variety of "raw" states, such as sine tones and noise, often using frequencies at the edges of the range of human hearing. The conclusion of his album +/- features just such a tone; of it, Ikeda says "a high frequency sound is used that the listener becomes aware of only upon its disappearance" (from the CD booklet). Rhythmically, Ikeda's music is highly imaginative, exploiting beat patterns and, at times, using a variety of discrete tones and noise to create the semblance of a drum machine. His work also encroaches on the world of ambient music; many tracks on his albums are concerned with slowly evolving soundscapes, with little or no sense of pulse. In addition to working as a solo artist, he has also collaborated with, among others, Carsten Nicolai (under the name "Cyclo.") and the art collective Dumb Type. His work matrix won the Golden Nica Award in 2001. www.ryojiikeda.com
"What it takes to change" - New challenge of Ars Electronica  Ars Electronica Festival 2014’s theme is “C… what it takes to change”. To pursue this theme, the festival itself changes the form beyond the conventional venues, dives into “the city”, such as a shopping mall, school, and bank. From all over the world, innovators of many kinds of fields (Artists, Scientists, Technicians, Designers, Social Activists, Entrepreneurs..) are invited and present and share their unique viewpoints. Moreover, Ars Electronica start collaboration with European Capital of Culture Pilsen 2015, as well as Mons 2015. We discuss about how we can “change” the identity or culture of the city, and Japanese artists are invited for their performances and talk in this framework, during the Ars Electronica Festival. Ars Electronica website: http://www.aec.at/c/  


4-8 Sep. 2014  

Program related to Japan

Date Program Artist Venue
4-8 Sep. 2014 Story Weaver Maki Namekawa, Chiaki Gloessl Ishikawa, Emiko Ogawa, Naohiro Hayaishi, Tetsuro Yasunaga, Hideaki Ogawa Deep Space
4-8 Sep. 2014 MIRAGE Grinder-Man Mariendom
4-8 Sep. 2015 Fumbaro East Japan Project Takeo Saijo OK Center
4-8 Sep. 2016 SHADOWLAND Kazuhiro Goshima OK Center
4-8 Sep. 2014 Falling Record Ei Wada School
4-8 Sep. 2014 Delta-Figure John Hathway Shopping Mall
4-8 Sep. 2014 Saccade-Based Display Junji Watanabe, Hideyuki Ando city / outside
4-8 Sep. 2014 Looks Like Music Yuri Suzuki Shopping Mall
4-8 Sep. 2014 iPhone Quick-Draw System Shota Mori  School
4-8 Sep. 2014 Skeltonics Shiroku Reyes Tatsuru, Aka Tomohiro, Nakano Kenji School, city
4-8 Sep. 2014 Device Art International Exhibition Hiroo Iwata, Novmichi Tosa, Kazuhiko Hachiya, Ryota Kuwakubo, Hideyuki Ando, Masahiko Inami, Kenji Suzuki Ars Electronica Center

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