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The 29th EU-Japan Fest Support Projects (Jan. 2021- Mar. 2024)

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Femeia Nisipurilor The Sand Woman©Sebastian Marcovici

Sibiu International Theatre Festival

Hybrid theatre festival builds hope with artists

Last year the Sibiu International Theatre Festival took place exclusively online. And it has come back to Sibiu this year with a hybrid format, bringing live performances to the audiences, as well as the live and recorded streaming online. With the theme “Building hope together,” they delivered more than 600 programmes, presented from more than 70 venues, including live streaming locations. The travel restrictions in each participating country were changing and varied during the preparation and negotiations. The festival period was also moved from June to August and eight plays from Japan were invited. The audience in Sibiu enjoyed the "Sand Woman" by Uzume Theatre and "goes" by the dancer Koichiro Tamura in the venues, making it an irreplaceable opportunity for both the audience and the artists. In addition, the new Noh play "Orpheus" by Yamamoto Noh Theater, which was created in collaboration with the local side on the occasion of Plovdiv 2019 (Bulgaria) was broadcast live from Japan. This was a historic year for the theatre festival as all the participants, including the audience, shared hope and passion for the festival and built a new format for it.

Main program

Date: 20 ~ 29 Aug. 2021
Venue: Sibiu multiple venues and online (Sibiu, Romania)
Uzume Theater - “The Sand woman”

Koichiro Tamura - goes


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre - Red Demon and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM

Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre - THE WHITE DISEASE

Tabatha/Yu Okamoto, Manual- dance

Yamamoto Noh Theater - ORPHEUS

Related program

1) Walk of Fame Ceremony-receiving a star
Date: 27 Aug. 2021
Venue: Sibiu State Philarmonic (Sibiu, Romania)

2) The International Platform of Doctoral Research in the Field of Performing arts and Cultural Management
Date: 20 ~ 23 Aug. 2021
Venue: Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu (Sibiu, Romania)
Participant: Tomoko Goto (Professor of Arts Management, Tottori University), Kawai Shoichiro (Professor, Pres)

Video material


Sibiu, Romania
Performing Arts

Lo Spirito
©Nicole Gligor

Maria de Buenos Aires
©Sebastian Marcovici

Pazea - goes
©Sebastian Marcovici

Un cerc cu talent
©Max Shuz

Visul Unei Nopti de Vara
©Sebastian Marcovici

pazea goes
©Sebastian Marcovici

Femeia nisipurilor the Sand Woman
©Sebastian Marcovici

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