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30 Sep. - 1 Oct.  2017


"Parkowa" Sports Hall  (Wroclaw, Poland)    

Japanese participants:

Hironobu Yamashiro, Hidefumi Ishizaka, Norio Furuichi, Etsuji Horii, Tadanori Sugawara, Shinichiro Shimodaira, Mitsuyoshi Aoki, and other.

Related Program:

●Kendo Seminar
 Date:15~16 Jul.,  2017
 Venue:"Parkowa" Sports Hall
 Participant from Japan:Hironobu Yamashiro, Hidefumi Ishizaka. 
●Kyudo Seminar
 Date:30 Sep.~1 Oct.,  2017
    Venue:Sports Hall in Sobotka
●Iaido Seminar 
 Date:23~27 Sep., 2017
 Venue:"Parkowa" Sports Hall
 Participant from Japan:Norio Furuichi
●Aikido Seminar
    Date:3~5 Nov., 2017
 Venue:Multipurpose Sports Hall at AWF 
 Participant from Japan:Etsuji Horii


10-11 Jun. 2017


IMPART Theatre

Participate artists from Japan:

Kosen Yanagiya, and other 

Other participate artists:

Stanislaw Meyer (translation of rakugo stories)

Related program: 

●Rakugo workshop for professional actors and students
●Rakugo workshop for young people
●Rakugo intens workshop for the Wroclaw’s rakugo group


10-11 Jun. 2017


IMPART Theatre                          

Participate Japanese artists:

Yumi Sato (URL of the artists: http://www.mymime.sakura.ne.jp/index.html)

Other participate artists:

Katarzyna Sniezka Sobiszewska  (URL of the artists: http://www.encyklopediateatru.pl/osoby/25303/katarzyna-lewandowska-sniezka)

Monika Onoszko (URL of the artists: http://www.onomono.pl/)

Related Program: 

Creative Session
Amateur Actors Casting
Actors Training for Amateurs
Japanese Pop-Culture Workshop

The heart of ikebana, spreading out through the world


8 Oct. 2017


en plo gallery


Riou Udagawa, 11th Director of the historic Koryu Rion-kai Ikebana school  

Kathleen Adair, assistant  



Traditional Japanese dance jiutamai steadily winning growing numbers of enthusiasts in Europe. Lustrous performance set to Chopin and Polish folk tales.

The performance was a result of long preparations carried parallely on both, Japanese and Polish sides. There was only one face to face meeting in December 2015 and much of arduous distant work which was confronted and joined into consistent performance during two days of intensive rehearsals. The hall was almost full and we have got many congratulations and enthusiastic reviews just after the performance. Not only general audience but also most of Polish enthusiast of Japanese dance and shakuhachi music who had contacted us earlier to make reservations were attracted to the performance. After three days of intensive jiutamai workshop, the dancers who attended (and also a few others who were not able to attend at the time) gathered to create a regular workshop group located in Wroclaw which will be managed in Poland by Hana Umeda and from distance by Tokijyo Hanasaki. There was also a good contact to three of Polish shakuhachi musicians which can be first step to create interesting collaboration between them and between the musicians and NAMI Foundation. During the rehearsals days, an improvised shakuhachi workshop with master Ishikawa has organized for them. Also the next jiutamai performance by the team of Tokijyo Hansaki is initially planned for the next year in Poland.

(Grazyna Pogorzelska)


21 Jun. 2016


Chamber Hall at Impart (Wroclaw, Polamd)

Japanese participant:

Tokijyo Hanasaki, Toshimitsu Ishikawa, Shino Hanasaki, Mitsunaga Kanda

Related Program:

● jiutamai workshop
 Date: 17-19 Jun. 2016
 Venue: High School Number 9
● shakuhachi workshop
 Date: 20 Jun. 2016
 Venue: Chamber Hall at Impart

Fostering shogi fans of the future! The appeal of shogi open to everyone from children to adults.

Shogi started in Poland as the game for self-learning, mainly adult people usually meeting on virtual boards. During last few years a network of tournaments has been developed but there was still a lack of separate youth tournaments (which are generally lacking in Europe with only few exceptions). There is also a luck of youth and children training methods and of efforts to promote shogi among children. The tournament was held to fulfill this lack and to make a connection between European groups interested in training of young shogi players and between the young players themselves. Although only Belarussian children joined the tournament, we were able to make close contacts with groups from Ukraine and Germany, which can bear fruits next years.

(Maciej Pogorzelski)


23-24 Jul. 2016


Wroclaw City Public Library

Japanese participant:

Madoka Kitao (Ladies 2-dan Shogi Professional), Kota Fujiwara

Japanese partner: 

International Shogi Popularization Society


Polish Shogi Association

Related Programme:

Meeting of Madoka Kitao with shogi players
Date: 22 Jul, 2016
Place: NAMI Foundation
Dobutsu shogi in Wroclaw ZOO (Festival of Dobutsu Shogi Day 1)
Date: 22 Jul, 2016
Place: ZOO in Wroclaw
Dobutsu shogi open tournament (Festival of Dobutsu Shogi Day 2)
Date: 23 Jul, 2016
Place: Barbara, Wroclaw

Wroclaw performance and workshop by Shunputei Ichinosuke, rakugo performer traveling throughout Europe.

Although rakugo was shown in Poland before, we had an opportunity to introduce rakugo to Wroclaw. Big interest starting a few months before the date revealed a group of Polish rakugo fans ready to travel the country to see the rakugo show. The performance gathered over 150 viewers of different ages and different genres. Some of them were Japan language professionals, some general fans of Japanese cultures, some fans of theatre and even quite many young fans of anime. This mix have created very involved audience who also engaged themselves in a very interesting Q&A session after the show.

(Grazyna Pogorzelska) 


27 Jul. 2016 


Impart Hall, Wroclaw


Ichinosuke Shunputei, Koharu Tatekawa

Related Program:

●Rakugo Workshop 
 Date: 26 Jul. 2016
 Venue: NAMI Foundation

Japanese calligraphy enjoys acclaim in Europe. A rich world of experience through the work and workshop of Kumamoto-born calligrapher Tanso Moriyama.

The position of Japanese calligraphy is well established in Europe but there is very little opportunity to see best contemporary artworks like these by Tanso Moriyama commented and explained by one of his students – Sayuri Goto. The exhibition will be placed in the new (still built) house of local division of Public Library of Wroclaw at the main railway station. The division keeps high devotion to Japanese literature. The Director of Japanese Department, Ms. Daria Waszczuk often helps to organize Japanese culture events in Wroclaw. The exhibition will be accompanied by open workshop for wide audience and short intensive course for a small group.


 Date:7-28 Dec. 2016

 Venue: Wroclaw City Public Library Division 42

 Japanese artist:  Tanso Moriyama (exhibition), Sayuri Goto-Fuksiewicz (explanation)

Related Programs:

・Meeting with Sayuri Goto-Fuksiewicz

 Date: 28 Dec. 2016

 Venue: Wroclaw City Public Library Division 42

・Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

 Date: 21-22 Jan. 2017

 Venue: Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI

 Japanese artist: Julia Yamato



High levels of achievement established among Polish bonsai enthusiasts. Contrastive demonstrations and contest for identifying young talent held simultaneously by Japanese and British bonsai instructors.

Triennale Bonsai is organized yearly in one of the three countries co-operating in the project: Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. This year’s edition in Wroclaw was somehow exceptional because of the number of expositors, of the trees – there were 43 exhibitors, 134 bonsai. Special appearance of Koji Hiramatsu and Kevin Willlson have made the slogan of the Triennale East meets West, West meets East exceptionally accurateThe program included: the main competition; New Talents Contest; Masters Demonstration and workshops by Koji and Kevin; Polish/Czech/German Demonstration. There was also a parallel program of Japanese culture including: kendo and iaido demonstrations and workshops, origami and chopsticks workshops for children, kimono demonstration and yukata dressing for visitors. To complete the wide program we needed the help by 17 volunteers of Polish Bonsai Association, 17 of NAMI Foundation and 5 of Wroclaw City volunteering. Triennale was a great meeting of bonsai enthusiast by also a great public event. We have a strong competition of many cultural events and the result of 1250 visitors seems really impressive.

(Grazyna Pogorzelska)


30 Apr. – 1 May 2016


IASE Hall (Wroclaw, Poland)

Japanese participant:

Koji Hiramatsu

Related Programmes:

Date Programs Venue
30 April 2016 New Talents Contest IASE Hall
Iaido – show and workshop
Kendo – show and workshop
Masters' Demonstration by Koji and Kevin
Kimono show
How to use chopsticks - workshop
1 May 2016 Master's workshop by Koji Hiramatsu
Master's workshop by Kevin Willson
Kendo – show and workshop
Polish/Czech/German Show
How to use chopsticks - workshop
Origami workshop

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