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This year saw the 18th of the photography project European Eyes on Japan – Japan Today. Insightful photographer Jon Cazenave, from San Sebastian, Spain, host of this year’s European Capital of Culture, visited Kagawa prefecture. Supported by Tetsuya Ogasawara of local gallery Book Marute and many others, he spent a month there producing work.

Handmade Japanese paper, sunlight photographs made by waves on the Seto inland sea, and such experimental approaches as new techniques using screenshots from Google Maps both depict the here and now of Kagawa prefecture and question everything viewing the shared roots of human beings spanning race, religion and national borders at the outset of a search for the identity of his own Basque homeland. Shown with the assistance of Getxo Photo, which holds annual photography exhibitions in the port town of Getxo outside San Sebastian, their exhibition attracted considerable attention in photography circles around the world.

Photo shooting 

21 Feb.- 30 Mar. 2016

Photo shooting Location

Kagawa pref.


1 Sep. -2 Oct. 2016


Gexo Photo Festival(Spain)


Mikiko Kikuta 


Jon Cazenave (Spain)

Lucaz Rusznica (Poland)


The venue was just beside the entrance of the library, as result it made easy to drop in for visitors. And there was a beautiful Ikebana work of red ivy leaves in a large nice vase made by a member of the Estonia-Japan Association (EJA), which was effective in letting visitors pay attention to other exhibits ahead of it. On the wall were exhibited many brilliant photos of people and nature in the World Heritage island of Kihnu taken by a Japanese photographer and of Japanese life taken by EJA members while traveling Japan and 12 Ikebana works arranged by members of the local Ikebana circle and Japan-Estonia Friendship Association as from Japanese side. This collaboration was successfully appealed the achievements of cultural exchange between Japan and Estonia. At the opening ceremony approximately fifty attendants including Japanese Ambassador Yoko Yanagisawa, Japanese residents in Estonian, Japanese fans and involved people from Library and Japan Association. During the period of 19 days, thanks to the local EJA members, the Ikebana works had been kept in good condition. The photos of Kihnu Island that showed different sense of viewpoints by the Japanese photographer earned a high reputation from local visitors. Next exhibition is expected in the Kihnu Museum.

Written by Hideko Arai


4 – 22 Oct. 2016 


Foyer Gallery of National Library of Estonia

Participated artist:

Noboru Sonehara, Hideko Arai, Takako Nishikawa, Estonia-Japan Association members



Contemporary Shiga prefecture captured by Cypriot photographers

This photography project has launched in 1999 to capture contemporary Japan by European photographer’s point of view. In the 19th round of this project, 2 photographers will be invited from Cyprus - one photographer of Turkish Cypriot and another one of Greek Cypriot. They are going to stay and take photographs in Shiga prefecture. 
Cyprus, the country of European Capital of Culture Pafos 2017, has been divided north (Turkish Cypriot) and south (Greek Cypriot) since 1974 due to dispute. From the photographs of Shiga prefecture captured by these photographers, the people in Shiga will rediscover their daily life, and will come in touch with the history and diversity  of Cyprus. These works will be published as photograph book in August 2017 and open to public as the exhibition in Pafos 2017 - European Capital of Culture and Shiga prefecture. We hope that this project could be an opportunity to encourage mutual understanding between not only Shiga and Cyprus, but also Turkish and Greek Cypriot.


Shiga prefecture

Photographer / Photographing period:

●Ergenc Mehmet Korkmazel(Turkish Cypriot)
 4-27 Nov. 2016

●Constantinos  Taliotis (Greek Cypriot) http://www.constantinostaliotis.com/
  7-28 Mar. 2017

Artistic Director: 

Mikiko Kikuta

For more details of this photography project: https://www.eu-japanfest.org/project/japantoday/


First of all, TIFF Residency, program organized by TIFF Center for which we invited Yuji Hamada to spend one month in Poland and develop his photographic ideas, finished with intriguing exhibition presented in Wrocław’s gallery. It was a fantastic possibility to see a different perspective on an environment that Polish people think they know so well. The residency helped us to set up a new cooperation with the international and national partners that we appreciate very much. Moreover, TIFF Residency gave us a chance to start amazing contacts that might help us to develop more projects between Polish and Japanese photographic world. It was refreshing and interesting project for us, and hopefully – also for Yuji Hamada.

Written by Paulina Anna Galanciak (Coordinator of TIFF Residency)


1 Sep.-12 Nov. 2016


Wroclaw, Poland

Japanese Artist:

Yuji Hamada


Date Programs Place
10 - 24 Sep. 2016 Trips in Wrocław and Lower Silesia  
21 Sep. 2016 Radio interview Radio Wrocław Kultura
25-28 Sep. 2016 Working on exhibition conception Wrocław
25-28 Sep. 2016 Working in darkroom Wrocław
27 Sep. 2016 Radio interview Radio Luz
28 Sep. 2016 Meeting with the artist Barbara: infopunkt / kawiarnia  kultura
29-30 Sep. 2016 Working in silkscreen workshop Wrocław
3-12 Nov. 2016 Exhibition BWA Studio

The outcome of the program was a production of an exhibition in MWW (Museum of Contemporary Art Wrocław) situated in the central area of the 5th biggest city in Poland. The exhibition has been widely commented on including main radio stations (Program Pierwszy Polskiego Radia, Program Czwarty Polskiego Radia, Radio Kamus, Radio RAM) and online. The exhibition consisted of 5 exhibition spaces, two of which included video screenings. In other spaces over 3500 photos from the project Lost & Found were displayed on the walls. Moreover, two books were displayed- an original photo album and a photobook about the project made by Munemasa Takahashi.  

Written by Maciej Bujko


1-11 Sep. 2016


Wroclaw Contemporary Museum (MWW)

Japanese artists:

Munemasa Takahashi

Other participated artists:

Miyuki Hinton, Joanna Ziajka

Related Program:

●Munemasa Takahashi's Talk
  Date: 2 Sept.2016
  Venue:  Wroclaw Contemporary Museum

Three up-and-coming Japanese photographers in pursuit of the essence of photography

The tenth edition of GETXOPHOTO took place from September 1st to October 2nd 2016 and it was structured in two large sections: exhibitions and activities. True to the impeccable standards of Jokin Aspuru (curator and director), all the works that comprise the artistic programming of this edition, in addition to the original thematic richness they cover, have the virtue of reflecting the broad spectrum of genres and photographic styles that are practiced today. This edition has been a meeting point among public in general, photography amateurs and professionals. The 20 free of charge exhibitions included three Japanese photographers' ones and mainly concentrated in public spaces in the city for the whole month. In addition to this, many educational activities were organized, and we can say that the activities program has been a great success.

Begihandi Kultur Elkartea, the creative association behind the festival, is very satisfied with the way the latest edition of GETXOPHOTO went. The quality of the programming, the ever-increasing numbers of spectators, the excellent reception afforded the activities (guided tours, children’s programme, workshops, encounters...) and the thousands of visits to the web page all lead the organization to rate this edition as the most satisfactory held to date. The figures are eloquent: we estimate that the installations outdoors were visited by over 70,000 people, while those indoors were viewed by more than 15,000.

Written by Jokin Aspuru (curator and director)


1 Sep. -2 Oct. 2016


Getxo, Spain

Japanese photographers:

Manabu Yamanaka, Chino Otsuka, Ken Kitano

Other participants:

Irina Werning, Bohnchang Koo, Amit Sha’al, Jérémie Nassif, Amy Friend, Eulalia Abaitua, Carlos Ayesta & Guillaume Bression, Matthew Pillsbury, Rachel Sussman, Mark Formanek, Kris Sanford, Daesung Lee, Ori Gersht, Michael Wesely, Luce Lebart, Anna Katharina Scheidegger

Japan-related programmes:

  • Exhibition: Gyahtei by Manabu Yamanaka
    Date: 1 Sep. to 2 Oct. 2016
  • Exhibition: Imagine finding me by Chino Otsuka
    Date:  1 Sep. to 2 Oct. 2016
  • Exhibition: Our Face by Ken Kitano 
    Date: 1 Sep. to 2 Oct. 2016

A joint exhibition of works by Noboru Sonehara and Elna Kaasik. Sonehara is a photographer who visited Kihnu Island in Estonia every year for these 5 years and kept taking photos of the people and life of this Intangible cultural heritage registered small island. Kaasik is an Estonian textile artist known as a pro-Japanese and actually has many Japanese friends. The exhibition will be held in a gallery of National Library in Tallinn, which was the European Capital of Culture in 2011. It is the aim that through this exhibition more Estonian civics get interests in Japan and Japanese mind. 


1-22 Oct. 2016


National Library of Estonia Entrance Gallery

Participate artists:

Noboru Sonehara
Elna Kaasik

Photo exhibition "European Eyes on Japan / Japan Today vol.16" is being held in Kochi. Kochi is the location of this photobook. The exhibition will be held in partnership with Sawada Mansion Gallery room38, one of the supporters for the project by Nina Korhonen (Sweden) and Alexander Gronsky (Latvia). On the occasion of the photo exhibition in European Capital of Culture Umea 2014, delegation of Sawada Mansion Gallery visited the city and had a fruitful and meningful stay. Opening ceremony in Kochi welcomed Mr. Normans Penke, the ambassador of Latvia and the exhibition as been attracting significant number of audience. During the exhibition period, various related programmes such as Open Portfolio Review and Photography Contest will be held in close communication with local residents. We hope this exhibition and the original perspectives of two European photographers towardKochi will become a good opportunity for the local people to re-discover their city and daily lives from the new horizon. Organiser : Sawada Mansion Gallery room38 http://sawaman-room38.com/ For the details of this exhibition, please visit our website :https://www.eu-japanfest.org/n-japantoday/japantoday.html


10th Oct. - 29th Nov., 2015


Museum of art WARAKOH (Kōchi Prefecture, Kouchi City) http://warakoh.com/museum


Alexander Gronsky (Latvia) Nina Korhonen (Sweden)

Artistic Director:

Mikiko Kikuta

Related Programme

●Opening Event

Schedule: 10th Oct.

●Artist Talk

Schedule: 10th Oct.  (Alexander Gronsky, Nina Korhonen) Venue: Museum of art WARAKOH Price: Free of Charge (Exhibition Ticket Required)

●Open Portfolio Review

Schedule: 11th Oct. 2015 Reviewer: Alexander Gronsky, Nina Korhonen, Mikiko Kikuta Venue:TACOGURA (Art Zone WARAKOH SOKO)

●Mikiko Kikuta Gallery Talk

Schedule: 12th Oct. 2015 Venue: Museum of art WARAKOH Price: Free of Charge (Exhibition Ticket Required)

●Photo Contest 'My favorite Kochi'

Requirement : 1. Photographic work (A4 size / 1 piece) 2. Application form ※for further information, please visit the official website http://sawaman-room38.com/ Qualification : citizens of Kochi (free of charge) Application Deadline : 4th Oct. 2015 (applictation documents to reach to the office) Announcement of Result : 11th Oct. 2015 at TACOGURA
 The photobook in everyone's daily lives - to understand photography in a world of images.Last year the Photo Book Days was started during the Landskrona Fotofestival which is an annual and long-term effort to give the photobook a higher status in Sweden.Their long term goal is to raise the frequency the photobook appears in media, being reviewed and discussed. Also to give the photo authors the same status as the literary authors.They created an annual Photo Book Days with 3 international guest lecturers and publishers who present and talk about their work. In this way experience is exchanged between countries and networks created. This ultimately leads to the analysis and discussion of the photobook as a phenomenon. *Landskrona Foto Festival: http://www.landskronafoto.org/en/ *Photo Book Days: http://www.landskronafoto.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Photo-Book-Days_Landskrona-Foto-Festival.pdf


21-23 Aug. 2015


Festival Center at Kasernplan http://www.landskronafoto.org/en/

Participate Japanese artist:

Lieko Shiga www.liekoshiga.com

Other participate artists:

Mishka Henner (France, Britain, Belgium) http://www.mishkahenner.com/
Erik Kessels (The Netherlands)
and other

Related program:

♦Lecture by Lieko Shiga

Date: 23 Aug. 2015 Venue: Landskrona Theatre Artist: Lieko Shiga www.liekoshiga.com

Young photographers find learning and practice with spirited teaching team!

The International Summer School of Photography (ISSP) 2015 will take place in Kuldiga, Latvia from 1-9 August 2015. The ISSP takes place in Latvia since 2006, each year welcoming 72 young photographers from around the world as students. The ISSP offers six advanced thematic masterclasses by renowned international photography masters in combination with an exciting programme of evening talks, presentations and portfolio reviews. The 9 -day event concludes with the opening of the group exhibition and an open air screening of students’ work in Kuldīga; a publication is produced yearly. Acclaimed Japanese photographer Takashi Homma will lead one of the six masterclasses on his chosen theme, and present his work during an artist talk to the international audience. As the 10th anniversary edition, the ISSP 2015 programme will have an even more exciting programme than usual, turning into a week-long festival of photography. *International Summer School of Photography (ISSP): http://www.issp.lv/en/news


1‐9 Aug. 2015


Pelci Castle (Kuldīga, Latvia) *Details: http://www.issp.lv/en/summer-school/2015/location

Participate Japanese artists:

Takashi Homma http://www.taronasugallery.com/art/takashi_homma/work.html


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