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A place of collaboration in art, active along the Green Line


9 Nov. 2017


Bedesten (Nicosia, Cyprus)


Yukio Suzuki Projects 



Spirit of butoh, born in Japan, now lives throughout the world


25 Nov. - 7 Dec. 2017


Rooftop youth studio


Tomoe Shizune & Hakutobo


The flowering silhouette tradition speaking to our times

The Kakazhiza performance “Hands shadows animare” is a light and shadows performance that creates and brings to life animals, and other characters. I had a chance to appreciate their performance for the first time in 2013 during my research trip to Japan. This year, It was a great honor to invite Kakashiza and  a master on shadow puppet theatre Mr. Goto to the World Puppet Festival 2016 that were not easy to achieve unless in an opportunity such a Europe Capital of Culture.

It was a very interesting performance as the artist have a very high artistic level and they not only play, but also show to the audience how they did it, so the performance was very entertaining and educational at the same time.

Written by: Idoya Otegui (Festival Director)

Festival Date:

28 May to 5 Jun. 2016

Kakashiza's performance date:

2 Jun. 2016


Teatro Principal

Japanese participant:

Shadow Play Theatre KAKASHIZA


Hand Shadows ANIMATE

Participants from other countries:

Marionetteatern – Sweden / El Espejo Negro – Spain / Lichtbende Theatre – Netherlands / Shobei Tamaya & Karakuri Ningyo - Japan / ASSITEJ & Speeljtheater – Southafrica / La Enananaranja – Spain / Puppets Lab – Bulgaria / La Licorne – Francia / La Fontana Sombras Animadas – Portugal / Hand Made Theatre – Spain / Unterwaser – Italy / Tol Theatre – Belgium / Laura Heitt – U.S.A. / Wild Theatre – Autriche / S.A: Marionetas – Portugal / Creature – France / Titiriteros de Binefar – Spain / Marcelo Lafontana – Brasil / Roberto White – Argentina / Markeliñe – Spain

Related program:

  • World Puppet & UNIMA Congress 2016
    Date: 28 May to 5 Jun. 2016
    Venue: San Sebastian, Tolosa

“The Golem” was a collaborative theater project of Czech marionettes and Japanese traditional marionettes.  What message could the lifeless puppets send to living mankind? On the globe nowadays, we observe tendencies to seek sameness and to eliminate foreigners for their religion or thoughts.  We resolved to collaborate with Czech puppet theater with different origin, history and custom compared to ours.  With all the different factors, our collaboration started with string puppets as the guide because that seemed the only common point between us.  Czech in the heart of Europe and Japan at the end of the Silk Road. How could the puppets from these two countries work together to construct a new piece of theater?  It was a tough adventure; but as we confirmed our differences while we discussed and showed techniques to one another, gradually we shared the great theme of “The Golem” (dignity of life) that was the core to create the show.  In the differences lies the meaning of creating shows with puppets.  A national puppet embodies unique thoughts and manners to the art of puppetry that was nurtured in long history of people.  Mutual respect in the course of creation brought us the great success as a result.  Creation through differences.  We believe this is indispensable for a successful international collaboration of theaters.

Written by Isshi Youki


5-12 Jun. 2016


Kanagawa Arts Theater (KAAT) Large Studio

Japanese artists:

  • Marionette(Japan) 
    Isshi Youki, Tamiko Youki, Keita Youki (ITOAYATURININGYOU”ISSHI-ZA”)
  • Music
    Yoko Sonoda
  • Actors
    Sarara Tukifune, Satoru Jitunashi, Keiko Yokota
  • Director
    Tengai Amano
  • Doll Maker
    Yumi Hayashi

Other participated artists:

  • Marionette(Czech) 
    Pavel Prochazka, Hulcova Kristynams
  • Part of Direct
    Zoja Mikotová

Related Programme:

  • Czech×Japan talk show & mini performance
    Date: 30 May 2016
    Venue: Czech Centre Tokyo

A modest tale inspired by pine trees surviving disaster. This performance by two Tohoku-born artists evoked quiet passions in Wroclaw.

Initial mime play has been performed by two Japanese artist from Tōhoku - actress Yumi Sato and pianist Ko-Ta Ishihara. They created a short study inspired by the sole pine tree which survived the cataclysm. In 2015 Yumi arrived to Wroclaw to improve her stage technique, after few attempts finally finding her place at workshops organized by Fundacja Pantomima and conducted by Katarzyna Śnieżka Sobiszewska, former actress of Wrocławski Teatr Pantomimy. The meeting gave further impulse of creating new performance in international collaboration of the three artist. Katarzyna has created new story, direction and choreography. Yumi was starring as the main character of Jazz Singer, Katarzyna as Protective Spirit and Ko-Ta Ishihara playing his music live, appeared as Beloved Man. Traditional culture was consulted by Yumi's mother, a tea ceremony master. The public reception of the performance both as an artistic project and as a commemoration of the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 is difficult to be objectively measured in terms of involved emotions – we can only say that we have seen a strong experience on the faces and in the short talks just after the show.

(Maciej Pogorzelski)


11 Mar. 2016


Sala Kameralna

Japanese artist: 

Yumi Sato (actress pantomime), Ishihara Kota (pianist)

Related Programme:

  1. Feb. -11 Mar. 2016Mime workshop and rehearsals for the performance by Yumi Sato Klub pod Kolumnami, Tropical Dance, Chamber Hall Impart
6-11 Mar. 2016Rehearsals for the performance by Ko-Ta


Year 2016 was very rich for contemporary dance in the Czech Republic. Besides 22nd edition of the CZECH DANCE PLAFTORM (Festival of Czech Contemporary Dance and Movement Theatre), which presented 11 Czech works and took place in 6 venues in Prague, Tanec Praha - in cooperation with Aerowaves network - organized the international dance festival Spring Forward in the city of Pilsen, presenting 19 works of artists from the whole Europe.
The most relevant was the highest attendance of professionals in history, strong organization, good atmosphere and enough space for networking, meetings and new collaborations.  On festival CZECH DANCE PLATFROM participated other 120 presenters and on Aerowaves Spring Forward 240 presenters and writers from whole world and 90 artists from Europe.
Besides the main programme, Japanese guests were involved also in Choreographical Forum, Meet the Artists and Brunches with artists and festival guests.
--Written by Katarína Ďuricová, project manager  


20 – 22, 25 Apr. 2016
Prague, Czech Republic 

22 – 24 Apr. 2016
Pilsen, Czech Republic

Japanese participant:

Takao Norikoshi (Critic)
Kaori Seki (Dancer)

Related Programs:

  • Meet the Artists
    Date: 21 Apr. 2016
    Venue: Studio ALTA, Prague

  • Choreographic Forum
    Date: 21 - 22, 25 Apr.  2016
    Venue: Studio ALTA and PONEC – the dance venue
  • Brunch and discussion – Spaces Open for Dance
    Date: 22 Apr. 2016
    Venue: PONEC – the dance venue, Prague                

Principles of bodily expression in Basque rhythm and Japanese dance interwoven by Motoko Hirayama


The New National Theatre of Tokyo produced a show called HYBRID: Rhythm and Dance. This dance performance is a collaboration of Basque and Japanese artists. A fantastic opportunity to show the richness of working together two ancient cultures, but in a contemporary and open way.After the production and performance in Tokyo, they will bring this show to Basque cities. 

This project is a part of San Sebastian European Capital of Culture 2016 programs and being a way of arriving with this project  to the most important Basque cities venues. 


25 -27 Mar. 2016


New National Theatre Tokyo

Basque tour:

21 - 23 Oct.:   Victoria Eugenia Theatre (San Sebastian)
26 Oct.:           Arriaga Theatre (Bilbao)
1 Nov.:            Baluarte Auditorium (Iruna) *t.b.c.
4 Nov.:            Scene Nationale du Sud-Aquitain (Baiona)*t.b.c.

Basque Artist: 

Oreka TX

Japanese participant:

Motoko Hirayama (Choreographer /Dancer/ Director)、Kenta Koijiri (Dancer)、OBA (Dancer)、Ryu Suzuki (Dancer)、Mayumu Miyagawa (Dancer) 、Yuki Nishiyama (Dancer)、Emi Toko (Musician)、Masaru Ikejima(Dancer)



The Theater Olympics launched in the year of the Athens Olympics with the aim of international exchange in the performing arts. Performance of Greek tragedy by Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT) led by co-founder Tadashi Suzuki.


Ever since we planned to organize Theatre Olympics, we knew there could not have been a better opening for this event, as The Trojan Women by Tadashi Suzuki and Suzuki Company of Toga. The perfection, the precision and the accuracy of performing the performance were the ideal start for the Festival. We – the organizers, the audience, the participants were absolutely honoured to host the Japan theatre emperor in Wrocław. Everything that we were able to see and feel, happened to make us become the witnesses of greatness. The first performance in the Main Programme of Theatre Olympics World as a Place of Truth will stay for a very long time in the memory of Wrocław’s spectators and will be written in the history of European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 as an extraordinary achievement of theatre event.

The participants of workshops and meeting were able to learn the main meaning of Tadashi Susuzki’s work. The tradition and the history of Japanese theatre met with the European audience, who had this amazing opportunity to study the importance of something special and something absolutely unique.

Written by Sabina Majcher


14-16 Oct. 2016


Institute of Power Systems Automation

Participants from Japan: 

SCOT Company directed by Tadashi Suzuki

Related program:

● CONVERSATION - Globalisation and the Theatre’s Mission
Date: 16 Oct. 2016
Venue: Wrocław Puppet Theatre
Participants: Tadashi Suzuki, chaired by Henryk Lipszyc
● Workshop - Culture is the Body
Date: 15-16 Oct. 2016
Venue: Capitol Music Theatre
Participants:  Tadashi Suzuki, Kameron Steele

Czech-based dance network spreads around the world

A festival of contemporary dance held annually by the non-profit Tanec Praha since 1991, the Czech Dance Platform this year operated in linkage with European Capital of Culture Plzeň 2015. As well as select performances of contemporary dance, the festival also featured workshops and seminars, and dance pieces describing the host country. The high-quality program attracted people involved with dance from around the world, also making the festival a networking opportunity. Yukio Suzuki and Ayano Honda took part in 2014, and their observations from the perspective of dancers had a great influence on their subsequent work. In 2015 the Japanese critics Takao Norikoshi and Megumi Ikeno took part. Their take-away from Czech contemporary dance was not only the high level it operates at, but the “abundance with admissibility” that makes room for interlocutors from outside. One looks forward to the development of much cooperation in dance between Japan on one hand and the Czech Republic and Europe on the other.


9-12 Apr. 2015


: Ponec theatre, Theatre Archa, Studio Alta, Alfred ve dvoře, NoD (Prague)

 Participants from Japan: 

Takao Norikoshi, Megumi Ikeno (Dance Critic)




Gathering of Japanese ballet dancers with global presence

With a ballet population of over 400,000, Japan is now reckoned among the great ballet powers of the world, and many Japanese dancers are active at a global level, including those who placed first and second in the Prix de Lausanne international ballet competition. Under the artistic directorship of dancer Yasuyuki Endo, the Yokohama Ballet Festival held a gala performance featuring top Japanese dancers working both in Japan and overseas. Endo works as a dancer and choreographer in countries around the world, not least at European Capital of Culture Marseille in 2013, and in Yokohama performed one of his own pieces together with Mimoza Koike. Acclaimed for harnessing a distinctively Japanese sensibility and originality, and for his deep artistic proficiency, Endo achieved considerable results with this production, including its continuation next year.



17-19 Aug. 2015


Kanagawa Kenmin Hall



“HANJYU” from Afternoon of a Faun

Choreography:Yasuyuki Endo

Dancers:Yasuyuki Endo, Mimoza Koike




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