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Experiencing a region, linking it with the world: Volunteer programs supporting ECoC operations behind the scenes

Living the Opera

Date:22 Jul. - 5 Aug. 2019 
Venue:Matera, Italy (Piazza S. Pietro Caveoso)
Participants from Japan:5 Japanese 
  Rie Akaguma (Freelance)
  Noriko Ohkusa (Freelance)
  Nio Matsuda (Editor, Writer)
  Takako Yamada (Actor, Performer)
  Shingo Yoshizawa (Actor, Dancer, Photographer)

Related Program

1) Living the Opera
Date:25 Jul.2019~5 Aug.2019
Venue: Matera, Sassi
Participant: Shingo Yoshizawa, Takako Yamada, Nio Matsuda, Rie Akaguma, Noriko Ohkusa

2) Road to Tokyo
Date: 24 Jul.2019~24 Jul.2019
Venue: Matera, S. Francesca square
Participant: Shingo Yoshizawa, Takako Yamada, Nio Matsuda, Rie Akaguma, Noriko Ohkusa

3) Mammamiaaa
Date: 26 Jul.2019~26 Jul.2019
Venue: Matera, San Pardo street
Participant: Shingo Yoshizawa, Takako Yamada, Nio Matsuda, Rie Akaguma, Noriko Ohkusa



21 - 25 Oct. 2019 


Embassy of Lithuania in Japan

Participants from Japan:

Japan Institute of Design Promotion 
Google Arts & Culture 
Adobe Creative Cloud
Keizo Maeda (Expert of International Planning, PR and Marketing at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre)
Yoshie Ota (Curator)

Other Participants:

Roma Survilienė(CEO of National Creative Industry Association of Lithuania)
Kotryna Lingienė(Writer and Editor, Kaunas Pilnas Kultūros)
Ana Čižauskienė(Head of International Relations, Kaunas ECoC 2022)
Kęstutis Lingys(Associate Creative Director of Kaunas IN)
Ina Pukelytė(M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art)
Živilė Diawara(Director of Created in Lithuania)
Sergej Grigorjev(Director at Kulturines ir organizacines idejos)

Related Programs:

Meetings with Japanese Associations, Institutions, Foundations
Date:21 - 23 Oct. 2019 
Venue:Various Venues in Japan 

Date:22 - 23 Oct. 2019 
Venue:Embassy of Lithuania in Japan (Tokyo)



9 - 19 Apr. 2019 


Novi Sad, Serbia (Svilara Cultural Station)

Participants from Japan:

Takako Yamada

Related program:

  • Special origami workshop for the employees of the 'Novi Sad 2021' Foundation
    Date/Venue: 18 Apr. 2019/Offices of the 'Novi Sad 2021' Foundation
    Participant: Takako Yamada


21-22 Sep. 2019 


Wroclaw, Poland (Primary School no 84)

Participant from Japan:

Tadanori Sugawara, Shinichiro Shimodaira, Kodanji Yanagiya, Mitsuyoshi Aoki, Yoshinobu Kurogi, Kazuya Tsuchimoto, Takuya Kitamura, Yukiko Morimoto, Yasushi Yoshida

Related program:

● Nami Kendo Taikai referees seminar
   Date/ Venue: 21-22 Sep. 2019/ Primiary School no 84
   Participant: Tadanori Sugawara and other invited referees
● Kendo and iaido demonstration (1)
   Date/ Venue: 15-16 Sep. 2019/ Japanese Garden in Wroclaw
   Participant: Ryushinkai and Renshinkan members (www.ryushinkai.pl
● Kendo and iaido demonstration (2)
   Date/ Venue: 1-2 Sep. 2019/ Slodowa Island
   Participant: Ryushinkai and Renshinkan members (www.ryushinkai.pl
● Kendo and iaido demonstration (3)
   Date/ Venue: 7-8 Sep. 2019/ Impart Theatre
   Participant: Ryushinkai and Renshinkan members (www.ryushinkai.pl
● Traditional Polish (European) sabre demonstration
   Date/ Venue: 21-22 Sep. 2019/ Primary School no 84
   Participant: Aramis club members (https://aramis.pl/


From fashion to fine art: Exploring new expressive territory in origami with distinctive methods


30 Mar.- 1 Apr. 2019 


Matera (Museo della Scultura Contemporanea)/ Potenza(Museo Officina Oggetti Narranti), Italy

Participants from Japan:

Kaori Kato

Related programs:

  • Exhibition
    Date: 7 Mar. 2019
    Venue: Museo della Scultura Contemporanea (MUSMA), Matera
  • Workshop
    Date: 8, 10 Mar. 2019
    Venue: Museo Officina Oggetti Narranti (MOON), Potenza
  • MEMORI Lab.
    Date: 9, 11 Mar. 2019
    Venue: MOON, Potenza


3 Sep. 2017


Slodowa Island

Participate Japanese artists:

Aco and Taca (duo of Japanese stresst singers), Japanese residents as volunteers or guests of NAMI

Other participate artists:

Polish volunteers or guests of NAMI


To the next 10 years -evolving volunteer program


1-21 Jun. 2017

Participant from Japan:

Ayako Kobayashi (Freelance video editor/ Cinematographer), Fumiya Mori (Performing arts director [Hanamaru group Oji Fringe Theatre]), Jiaoling Wang (Student), Jo Ushijima (Student/ Actor), Kennosuke Sagawa (Performer/Artist), Maho Morikuni (Producer), Nio Matsuda (Freelance editor/writer), Ryosuke Mori (Actor), Takako Yamada (Freelancer/ Street performer), Yuiga Haze (Student)


Sibiu International Theater Festival: 


Human exchange working through volunteers.

Encounters with regions and with people, thinking of the world.


15-25 Sep. 2017




Myth and Sculpture Park


6 Young Japanese volunteers

Chiaki Asaba, Chiemi Fukumori, Leo Sugo, Miku Kobayashi, Tomomi Aoki, Kanako Mabuchi



Basque and Japanese researchers discuss the roles of traditional culture and sports in international society

Olympic Games are the brainchild of current globalization. The countries’ international prestige is at stake in the swimming pools, running tracks and football pitches. The games are the field test of greater geopolitical agendas: a good medal count is the best credit a ruler can get.

Far from the sport event, the exchange between East and West has enriched both sides. Europe gets a glimpse of a new philosophy that, under the influence of eastern thought can unite western mind and body in a radical manner. The Far East in turn, can find in the permanence of European traditional games a vital essence, a local identity that inspires a new way of doing things, a new model in which they may project their own conviviality.

Written by Professor Joseba Etxebeste Otegi


5 Sep. 2016


Miramar Palace           

Japanese participant:

Pr.Kazuyuki TAKETANI. University of foreign studies of KOBE
Pr.Hironori FUNAI. Institute of sporting culture of XXI century
Pr. Osamu NISHITANI RIKKYO University. Tokio

Other participant:

Pr. Joseba Etxebeste Otegi, University of Basque Country (EHU-UPV)
Pr. Jesús Mari, Ilundain-Agurruza Linfield College (USA)
Pr. Pere Lavega Burgués, National Institute of Physical Education of Catalunya (INEFC- LLEIDA)
Pr. Axier Oiarbide Goikoetxea, University of Basque Country (EHU-UPV)
Pr. Estibaliz Romaratezabala Aldasoro, University of Basque Country (EHU-UPV)


 Long history of exchange develops further on stage of European Capital of Culture 

Over two years in 2006-07 Kindai University twice conducted international workshops and experienced fruitful exchanges between its instructors and students and those of Ecole nationale superieure des arts visuels de La Cambre (ENSAV) in Brussels. Kindai put these experiences to advantage as part of Mons 2015 in a series of joint workshops over the course of the year together with the local ARTS2 Conservatoire royal de Mons.

In 2014 instructors from the two schools began discussions and visiting each other. In February 2015 students gathered at Kindai and in August at ARTS2 and engaged in production of work through two different workshops on the performing arts and the plastic arts. Discovering through communal living what they share in common and how they differ from each other, the students engaed with the shared theme of “how to overcome stereotypes about foreigners”. Ultimately in October five Kindai students traveled to Mons for live performances with local students of three pieces in puppetry theater, dance and drama, as well as song and drawing. For students of the two schools this program was a valuable opportunity rich in stimulus, suggestion and insight opening their eyes to the world.


■Workshop in Mons “East Meets West Half Way”

Date: 23 - 27 Feb. 2015 Venue: ARTS2 (Mons) Participants: 22 students of Kinki University, 22 students of ARTS2 Directed by: Kayoko MORI, Chika SEKIGUCHI, Kimiko HAYASHI, Naoko ITO (Kinki University)  

■Performing Arts Workshop in Osaka 1 "I Meet You Here"

Date: 6-10 Aug. 2015 Venue: Kinki University (Osaka) Participants: 22 students of Kinki University, 22 students of ARTS2 Directed by: Kayoko MORI, Kimiko HAYASHI (Kinki University) Sylvie LANDUYT, Marc CERFONTAINE (ARTS2)  

 ■Visual Art Workshop in Osaka 2: “I Meet You Here”

Date: 6-10 Aug. 2015 Venue: Kinki University (Osaka) Participants: 22 students of Kinki University, 22 students of ARTS2 Directed by: Chika SEKIGUCHI, Naoko ITO(Kinki University) Philippe ERNOTTE, Jean-Francois OCTAVE(ARTS2)  


■Exhibition “Real-Fake Japan: a foolish week-end!”

Date: 30 Oct.- 1 Nov. 2015 Venue: Maison Folie (Mons) Artist: 5  young Japanese artists (Kinki University), young Belgian artists (ARTS2) Directed by: Kayoko MORI (Kinki University)

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