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Joint performance by ten artists selected from 250 public notices in 44 countries


9-23 Apr. 2017

Artist from Japan:

Kazuhiro Yajima (Japan)

Artists from other countries:

Christoph Mugge (Germany)

Violetta Ivanova (Bulgaria)

Ivana Radovanovic (Montenegro)

Klitsa Antoniou (Cyprus)

Fatma Nur Ozugul (Cyprus)

Mina Nasr (Egypt)

Giacomo Zaganelli (Italy)

Zhong Wang (China)

Elwira Wojtunik (Poland)

Popesz Csaba Lang (Hungary)



The 8th edition of the international festival for design and visual culture ONE DESIGN WEEK took place in Plovdiv (10-19 June), the European capital of Culture in 2019. In 2016 the theme of the festival was “Can I help you?” and the organizers tried to focus on the different faces design has nowadays. The main aim was to analyze its role within the social context. Part of the official festival program was a Professional Forum who gathered prominent names from the design field from all over the world: Eisuke Tachikawa (Japan), Adam Von Haffner (Denmark), Alice Rawsthorn (United Kingdom), Peter Marigold (United Kingdom), Stephen Serrato (USA), Pieter-Jan Pieters (The Netherlands). The lecture of Eisuke Tachikawa (the director of the Japanese design company NOSIGNER) managed to identify and respond to the social needs in its projects and its mission to provide meaningful social innovation in a variety of fields. Apart from enriching the knowledge of the public on the design practice in Japan, Eisuke Tachikawa had the chance to expand his own horizons, establishing new contacts with design professionals from different parts of the world.

Written by Stanislava Grueva


18 Jun. 2016


House of Culture “Boris Hristov”

Japanese artists:

Eisuke Tachikawa (director of NOSIGNER)

Other participated artists:

Adam Von Haffner (Danmark), Alice Rawsthorn (United Kingdom), Peter Marigold (United Kingdom), Stephen Serrato (USA), Pieter-Jan Pieters (The Netherlands)

 ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK is an annual international festival for architecture and the urban environment. It will have its 9th editionbetween Sept. 30th and Oct. 9th 2016 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In 2016 the festival treats the subject of citizen participation and seeks to illustrate its transformative power.
The festival’s curators have selected as a speaker at the festival’s Forum Ms. Momoyo Kaijima from the Tokyo-based architecture office Bow Wow. She will be one of the keynote speakers at the professional forum of the festival. Bow Wow’s extensive practical and academic experience in the field of housing, urban planning and the issue of commons was the reason for making this choice. Bow Wow is one of the best known young architectural practices from Japan.
The Forum of ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK consists of an one-day long series of lectures (on 8th of October) of prominent international professionals from the architectural field from all over the world.


30 Sep. -  9 Oct. 2016

Date of Forum

8 Oct. 2016


House of culture

Participate Japanese artist

Momoyo Keijima (Bow Wow Architects) 

Other speakers

- David Juarez (Straddle 3, Spain)
- Gabor Szohr (Ujirany, Hungary)
- Stefan Forster (SFA, Germany)
- Doina Petrescu (Atelier d'Architecture Autogeree, France)
- Michelle Provoost (Crimson, The Netherlands)

A Japanese proposal for Bulgaria on cultural activities in local communities

One Architecture Week is a festival organized in Plovdiv, a 2019 European Capital of Culture, by the One Foundation for Culture and Arts, an organization that plays an important role in popularizing contemporary culture. The aim is to promote the active involvement of local residents and improve the quality of architecture and town planning through forums, exhibitions, workshops, debates, children's events and the like. At a symposium titled “On common(s) and commoning” Sakiko Sugawa, director of the Kyoto non-profit hanare, took part in the discussion on ways of building and being involved in communities, and ways of raising significant contemporary social issues. Participants described and compared their experience and various examples of engagement from around the world. After the demise of Communism, the concepts of coexistence and dialog received the cold shoulder in Bulgarian society during the 1990s while individualism gained preeminence. It is only in recent years that at last chances have begun to appear for taking another look at social life. Hanare's publicity for “Examples of jointly imagining social environments while fomenting a sense of community and coordination” provoked a tremendous response in the hall.



28 Sep.2015


Tobacco Warehouse (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

Japanese participant:

Sakiko Sugawa (hanare)



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