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Nishi Masaaki artwork

Workshop led by Nishi Masaaki


Fine Arts

Reconsider the Nature and Art with the different perspectives of Japan and Latvia

Japanese artist Masaaki Nishi is recognised for his manifest respect for nature, and nature continues to be a fundamental component of his works. Masaaki Nishi frequently endeavours to join incompatible materials, and, in order to clarify his relationship with nature, chooses a durable material –  iron. The artist prefers to leave his sculptures untouched for a long time because his work on forming them is a very fine balance between creation and non-creation.

For young Latvian sculptors, the artist’s master classes will not only be a unique experience in working with a great master, they will able to view Latvia’s greatest resource – nature – from another perspective. Workshop students will explore the question of urban art in the context of contrast
comprising two elemen ts – the natural and the man-made. Three outdoor works will be created during the master class, in three different materials and techniques. Organised by the Art and Information Management Centre.


25 Aug. – 8 Sep. 2014


Riga city


Masaaki Nishi, Aigars Bikše, and students of the Art Academy of Latvia

 Local organizer

The Center for Art Management and Information 

Nishi Masaaki

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