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VIA Festival: Hiroaki Umeda residence and performance

Mons 2015

Performing Arts

Contemporary dance prodigy Hiroaki Umeda develops as artist-in-residence 

Held on a continuing basis in Mons, Belgium, and Maubeuge, France, the VIA Festival features the performing arts and the latest technologies. As a component of Mons 2015, this year the festival hosted contemporary dancer and visual artist Hiroaki Umeda at a one-month residency at La gare numerique, located in the Maubeuge suburb of Jeumont. Co-located with a railway station, La gare numerique is an art center for media art, science, education and research. After crafting his new dance piece “Intensional Particle” in this well-equipped creative space, Umeda debuted it at the VIA Festival, where it delivered a major stimulus. He then captivated large numbers with the same piece at such locations as Stereolux in Nantes and Mapping Festival 2015 in Geneva.


Date: 15 Feb. – 18 Mar. 2015 Venue: La gare numérique  (Jeumont, France)

Performance (VIA Festival):

Date: 19-20 Mar. 2015 Venue: Andrée Malraux Theater (Jeumont, France) Program: new piece


Hiroaki Umeda http://hiroakiumeda.com/

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