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VIA Festival: Electro Session #9 – Japanese’s style! Performance by GroundRiddim

Mons 2015


Japanese break beats and digital art night highlight closing ceremony   

GroundRiddim is a creative group working in music and the visual arts made up of diverse DJ’s, musicians, engineers, directors, graphic designers and illustrators. At the VIA Festival, a label project of Mons 2015 featuring performing arts and the latest technologies, one of the group’s musicians, KEIZO machine!, gave an audiovisual performance titled “Japanese’s Style”. The sound and images brimming with inspiration from KEIZO machine! unfolded dynamically on a giant screen and thrilled the full-house audience with the fun and stimulating fancy of a trip around the world.


20 Mar. 2015


La gare numérique  (Jeumont, France)

Japanese artists:

Colo Graphonic, KeizoMachine, Gufumonn, Jami G, Taro Mikami, Yuya Ozawa

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