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Shingo Sekiguchi Torio Live performance “Umea meets Tokyo”


This concert by Shingo Sekiguchi Trio was one of the fruits of the research travel by Mr. Fagerland of Guitars-the Museum in 2013. In July, two shows were produced by Guitars – the Museum and co-produced by Umeå Jazzstudio, and they collaborated with the Umeå based jazz trio Rikard From & the Organics. Both concerts were full, and won acclaim locally. The concerts drew considerable attention from many music fans, gathering in Umea for the music festival UxU which took place in the same week.



Umea Jazz Studio
Date:17 Jul. 2014
Venue:Guitars the Museum


Guitars The Museum
Date:18 Jul. 2014
Venue:Guitars The Museum- Scharinska
Collaborated with Rikard From&The Organics


Artist Profile


Shingo Sekiguchi
Shingo Sekiguchi is a Japanese guitarist, composer and producer. He started to play guitar at 14 years old and compose songs at 20 years old. Now He is multi-creator who do recording and mix by himself. He have many project like vusik (guitar trio), EART(duo with Kaoru Kodama(Vo) and Ovall (trio with mabanua (Dr),Shingo Suzuki(B). In 2009, he appeared on ASAGIRI JAM as Ovall. They had not release 1st album yet, so it was first time to see them for audience. But many audience said “Ovall was the best in this year!!” .
In 2010, Ovall released 1st album “Don’t care who knows that” feat. Hocus Pocus, Wayna, Kenn Starr, Shinpei Ruike and Hanah. It was big buzz and they played big festival like FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, RISING SUN, GREENROOM, Seuset Live. In 2014,Ovall broke up but Shingo is going to

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