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Supporting Japan-related programs in European Capitals of Culture

Sushi roll workshop for public

Umeå Taste Festival


Meet the global culture through food!

During three days 19-21 september 2014, Umea Taste Festival had more than 75.000 visitors who tasted and experienced food and drink, participated in workshops and listened to lectures by passionate foodies. One of the participating restaurants was the Japanese restaurant Sagami, owned by Junko Sano-Janze who also held workshops about sushi and sushi in combination with the regional specialty – fermented herring. The workshops made success with lots of participants. Among other things she talked about the importance of how to choose and boil rice in a correct way, as well as how to choose and cut fish. In the restaurant bar two kinds of beer was served; locally brewed beer and Japanese beer from Hitachino, which received great response from the visitors.


Date: 19 – 21 Sep. 2014
Venue: Umeå city center

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Sushi roll Workshop
Date: 19-21 Sep. 2014 (3 times)
Instructor : Junko Sano-Janze

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