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Tokijo Hanasaki Jiutamai Performance

Vilnius,Kaunas,Marijanpole, Lithuania / Warsaw, Nowy targ, Poland

Performing Arts

Beauty of Japanese tradition flow in Europe

Introduction is live performance of Shamisen and Shakuhachi with video of “The Jiutamai performance in Itsukushima Shrine etc by Tokijyo Hanasaki”.
The first Jiutamai is “Chaondo(Tea ceremony with nature)”. It is the tribute dance to the four seasons while serving tea at a ceremony by young girl. The next is Shamisen performance, it is a comical story of animals. These two programs are vivid. The third one is Shakuhachi performance, it is very calm sound. The last program is Jiutami “Kanawa”. This is the wife changed to the demon by jealousy. The theme is change from the girl to the demon.
After the performance, workshops of Jiutamai, Jiuta and Shakuhachi will be held.


Date Venue City
2 Oct.2014 Vilnius University Vilnius, Lithauania
3 Oct.2014 National Kaunas Drama Theatre Kaunas, Lithuania
5 Oct.2014 Marijanpole culture center Marijanpole, Lithuania
8 Oct.2014 Wilanow palace Warsaw, Poland
10 Oct.2014 Frederic Chopin music school Nowy targ, Poland



“Chaondo(Tea ceremony with nature)”, “Kanawa”



Tokijo Hanasaki (Jiutamai)
Kouichi Kikusei (Jiuta)

Toshimitsu Ishikawa (Shakuhachi)


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●Workshops of Jiutamai, Jiuta and Shakuhachi
Date:3 Oct. 2014
Venue: National Kaunas Drama Theatre


●Workshops of Jiutamai, Jiuta and Shakuhachi
Date:5 Oct. 2014
Venue: Marijanpole culture center


●Workshops of Jiutamai, Jiuta and Shakuhachi
Date:11 Oct. 2014
Venue: polish-japanese information university

Tokijo Hanasaki, Jiutamai dancer

Toshimitsu Ishikawa, Shakuhachi player

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