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Exhibition of Yuji Hamada (3)

TIFF Residency: Photographer Yuji Hamada



First of all, TIFF Residency, program organized by TIFF Center for which we invited Yuji Hamada to spend one month in Poland and develop his photographic ideas, finished with intriguing exhibition presented in Wrocław’s gallery. It was a fantastic possibility to see a different perspective on an environment that Polish people think they know so well. The residency helped us to set up a new cooperation with the international and national partners that we appreciate very much. Moreover, TIFF Residency gave us a chance to start amazing contacts that might help us to develop more projects between Polish and Japanese photographic world. It was refreshing and interesting project for us, and hopefully – also for Yuji Hamada.

Written by Paulina Anna Galanciak (Coordinator of TIFF Residency)


1 Sep.-12 Nov. 2016


Wroclaw, Poland

Japanese Artist:

Yuji Hamada



Date Programs Place
10 – 24 Sep. 2016 Trips in Wrocław and Lower Silesia  
21 Sep. 2016 Radio interview Radio Wrocław Kultura
25-28 Sep. 2016 Working on exhibition conception Wrocław
25-28 Sep. 2016 Working in darkroom Wrocław
27 Sep. 2016 Radio interview Radio Luz
28 Sep. 2016 Meeting with the artist Barbara: infopunkt / kawiarnia  kultura
29-30 Sep. 2016 Working in silkscreen workshop Wrocław
3-12 Nov. 2016 Exhibition BWA Studio

Working with silkskreen (2)

Trips in Lower Silesia (1)

Meeting with artists (3)

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