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“Among Us” Collaboration of Gentsu Chinami & Hana Strejčková

Pilsen 2015

Performing Arts

 Joint production by Japanese, Czech artists who studied together in Paris

The stage production Among Us emerged from the encounter of Chinami Gentsu and Hana Strejčková as students at L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in 2011. The creation of local children and a production team assembled from such far-flung places as the Czech Republic, Japan, Jordan, the United States and Poland, this piece underwent long-distance preparations and then three weeks of rehearsals in the Czech Republic. The exploitation in the work of workshops held concurrently and of the results of a survey of the viewpoints and creativity of children in non-linguistic areas was reminiscent to an adult audience of our receptivity in infancy. The performance stirred large numbers and brought much to their notice. With the success of this project in the Czech Republic, ideas are afoot for bringing the performance to Japan as well in future.


8 Sep. 2015  -5 Dec. 2015


Moving Station The No Name Tearoom Ponec


Chinami Gentsu Hana Strejčková Juni Endo Sota Sakuma

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