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Theatre Company Farm in the Cave “Night in the City”

Pilsen 2015

Performing Arts

Dance perfomance confronting worldwide issue of social recluses  

The Farm in the Cave theater company is known for its creative process in which the dancers get to the core of their subject matter by themselves conducting conscientious research and interviews. Based in the Czech Republic, the group enhances the appeal of its pieces with the richly varied perspectives of its multinational makeup, with dancers coming from such countries as Korea, Vietnam and Slovakia. Inspired by the novels of Ryu Murakami and such contemporary Japanese art as the pictures of Tetsuya Ishida, “Night in the City” takes as its theme the societal issue of social recluses that has now appeared outside Japan as well. Assisted during their Japan visit by Kawamura, who served on the volunteer staff at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival in 2012, the dancers conducted an energetic course of interviews and investigation. Their true-to-life performance in this production underpinned by actual experience was acclaimed. Included in the program of the 2016 Czech Dance Platform, the piece enjoys growing prospects for presentation to a broader audience in future.


24-26 Nov. 2015




Farm in the Cave

Members of Farm in the Cave at EU-Japan Fest Office on 5 Feb.2015.

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