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The Little Kyogen Theatre – Nagomi & Shime Shigeyama


Traditional Culture

Czech kyogen: 20 years of dedicated learning

Little Kyogen Theatre Nagomi is a troupe of Czech kyogen performers founded by Ondřej Hýbl and others on the occasion of a workshop offered by kyogen master Shigeyama Shime at European Capital of Culture Prague in 2000. After studying kyogen with the Shigeyama family in Kyoto, Hýbl performed in such locations as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and France, and has recently devoted some efforts to workshops. These dates in Pilsen included performances in Czech translation of “Boshibari” and “Kuchimane” that filled the hall with laughter. Kyogen is generally considered a classical form, but Hýbl manages to express its high-quality humor in a way that appeals to contemporary audiences. Made available to the modern world, the quintessence of kyogen is steadily spreading across national borders.

* By January 2016 Little Kyogen Theatre Nagomi had played over 400 performances of Czech-language kyogen in locations around Eastern Europe. The group works to pass the tradition on the next generation with the organization of a children’s theater group, and it has won acclaim for its persistent efforts in the performance of high-quality kyogen without sacrificing tradition. Hosei University’s Noh Theatre Research Institute awarded the group its 26th Saika Award in 2016.


Date: 5 Jun. 2015 Venue: Mestanska Beseda – JoNas Theatre Program: “Foxes on the Island of Sado” (Sado Kitsune) “The Tomel Thief” (Kaki yamabushi) “The Snail” (Kagyu) Date: 6 Jun. 2015 Venue: Alfa Theatre – Grand Stage Program: “Plovers” (Chidori) “The Mountain Spring” (Shimizu) “The Voice Behind the Door” (Yobikoe) Date: 7 Jun. 2015 Venue: DEPO2015 Program: “Tied to a pole” (Boshibari) “The Mimics” (Kuchimane)


The Little Kyogen Theatre Nagomi  http://www.kjogen.cz/ Shigeyama Shime

Workshop of Kyogen for children

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