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The 7th Theater Olympic: SCOT “The Trojan Women”

Wroclaw 2016

Performing Arts

The Theater Olympics launched in the year of the Athens Olympics with the aim of international exchange in the performing arts. Performance of Greek tragedy by Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT) led by co-founder Tadashi Suzuki.


Ever since we planned to organize Theatre Olympics, we knew there could not have been a better opening for this event, as The Trojan Women by Tadashi Suzuki and Suzuki Company of Toga. The perfection, the precision and the accuracy of performing the performance were the ideal start for the Festival. We – the organizers, the audience, the participants were absolutely honoured to host the Japan theatre emperor in Wrocław. Everything that we were able to see and feel, happened to make us become the witnesses of greatness. The first performance in the Main Programme of Theatre Olympics World as a Place of Truth will stay for a very long time in the memory of Wrocław’s spectators and will be written in the history of European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 as an extraordinary achievement of theatre event.

The participants of workshops and meeting were able to learn the main meaning of Tadashi Susuzki’s work. The tradition and the history of Japanese theatre met with the European audience, who had this amazing opportunity to study the importance of something special and something absolutely unique.

Written by Sabina Majcher


14-16 Oct. 2016


Institute of Power Systems Automation

Participants from Japan: 

SCOT Company directed by Tadashi Suzuki

Related program:

● CONVERSATION – Globalisation and the Theatre’s Mission
Date: 16 Oct. 2016
Venue: Wrocław Puppet Theatre
Participants: Tadashi Suzuki, chaired by Henryk Lipszyc
● Workshop – Culture is the Body
Date: 15-16 Oct. 2016
Venue: Capitol Music Theatre
Participants:  Tadashi Suzuki, Kameron Steele




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