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Supporting Japan-related programs in European Capitals of Culture

"Light Bottles" by Kazumi Nishimura (c) Pilsen 2015 - Vaclav Svab

Smart Illumination Light Festival Pilsen

Pilsen 2015

Fine Arts

Festival features world’s brightest artistic talent in competition  

The Smart Illumination Festival is an arts festival of light that began in 2015 at that year’s European Capital of Culture. Two Japanese participants, Kazumi Kashimura and Hiroko Matsushita, took part with the assistance of Smart Illumination Yokohama. Kashimura’s piece “Light Bottles” created locally on the themes of art and the environment was a beautiful rendition of fantasy light employing plastic bottles. Meanwhile, Matsushita also took part in the PechaKucha sessions held at the same time. She gave a presentation about her own work to an audience of some one thousand and had opportunities for new networking with participants from home and overseas.

Work was exhibited indoors, along the river and on the city’s streets, and for local people who came out to view it, it was an opportunity to rediscover their own city as people said it was their first time to visit some buildings and walkways. Local volunteers made significant contributions to the success of the fesival with their long-term involvement in both production and operational respects. At the enthusiastic demand of local residents, the Smart Illumination Festival will be held again in 2016.


20-21 Feb. 2015


Radbůza riverside


Hiroko Matsushita, Kazumi Kashimura

Cooperation with:

Zou no hana terrace, Smart illumination Festival Yokohama

”Shadows” by Hiroko Matsushita (c) Pilsen 2015 - Vaclav Svab

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