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Supporting Japan-related programs in European Capitals of Culture

Photo: Mira Chaloupka

BLIK BLIK festival of light – installation by Yasuhiro Chida

Pilsen, Czech Republic

Fine Arts

BLIK BLIK festival of light was founded during Pilsen – European capital of culture 2015 and has soon grown into one of the biggest public space events in Pilsen. In 2016 it hosed 11 light instalations by artists from Japan, Germany, France, Slovakia and Czech Republic. One of the main highlights of the festival was the installation Brocken 5.1 by Yasuhiro Chida. A metal cube pinned with 60.000 tiny holes invited audiences to feel like flying in the space. Yasuhiro has created the artwork during a three weeks long artistic residence in the DEPO2015, creative venue founded during Pilsen 2015 project. The BLIK BLIK festival of light has welcomed 45.000 audiences during the weekend of March 18 and 19, 2016.
–Written by Jiří Sulženko, programme director, Pilsen 2015    


Mar. 18-19 2016


Pilsen, Czech Republic               

Japanese participant:

Yasuhiro Chida

Other participate artists:

Slovakia: Zuzana Petrovičová, Ondrej Maksi, Peter Vrábeľ, Róbert Farkaš
Czech Republic: Čestmír Suška, Petr Pufler, Pavla Beranová,
                               Gabriel Vach, KinoCirkus collective, DEPO2015 collective
France: AV Exciters collective
Germany: Axel T. Schmidt

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