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Shoko Kanazawa and her world

Pilsen 2015

Traditional Culture

Long-awaited debut solo show in Europe by up-and-coming calligrapher  

After exhibiting a distinctive talent at an early age, Shoko Kanazawa has, since her debut in 2005, developed an active career visiting all parts of Japan for speaking opportunities, solo exhibitions and calligraphy performances. Critical acclaim abroad as well as at home of her artistry made 2015 an active year for her overseas, including a solo show in New York City and her long-awaited European solo show at Plzeň 2015. She has truly matured into an artist of global stature. Organized by Robin Shōen Heřman and Ivo Hucl, this exhibition was the product of their enthusiasm pursued in elaborate preparations and repeated consultation. Both Kanazawa and her mother, teacher and supporter Yasuko Kanazawa attended the opening, offering a public demonstration and talk. Her exhibition and appearance were well received as she stirred the many viewers not only with the artistry of her calligraphy, but also her personality and the strength of her writing that unfolds from her pellucid heart. Kanazawa’s work etched itself cleanly into the memories of the many viewers present.


11 Sep. – 11 Oct. 2015


The Museum of West Bohemia in Pilsen – 1st floor


Shoko Kanazawa

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