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1st Polish Youth Shogi Open Champions


Traditional Culture

Fostering shogi fans of the future! The appeal of shogi open to everyone from children to adults.

Shogi started in Poland as the game for self-learning, mainly adult people usually meeting on virtual boards. During last few years a network of tournaments has been developed but there was still a lack of separate youth tournaments (which are generally lacking in Europe with only few exceptions). There is also a luck of youth and children training methods and of efforts to promote shogi among children. The tournament was held to fulfill this lack and to make a connection between European groups interested in training of young shogi players and between the young players themselves. Although only Belarussian children joined the tournament, we were able to make close contacts with groups from Ukraine and Germany, which can bear fruits next years.

(Maciej Pogorzelski)


23-24 Jul. 2016


Wroclaw City Public Library

Japanese participant:

Madoka Kitao (Ladies 2-dan Shogi Professional), Kota Fujiwara

Japanese partner: 

International Shogi Popularization Society


Polish Shogi Association

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