Supporting Japan-related programs in European Capitals of Culture

Works by Nanako KAWAGUCHI

See Saw Seeds: An Experiment Connecting Four Art Communities

Turku, Finland

Fine Arts

From the organizer

The art-communities of Turku (European Capital of Culture 2011), Dubai, Hamburg and Kobe have established this project in cooperation.  Local artists will be exchanged between communities and they will give exhibitions and lectures with a help of regional artists and citizens.  This time, Ms.KAWAGUCHI Nanako and Mr.SAKURAI Rui participate the project from Kobe and will give solo shows in B GALLERIA in Turku from the 12th of May.  In turn, Ms.Jenny MILD, Mr.Sami PIKKARAINEN and Mr.Paul FLANDERS from Turku will work in Kobe from January 2017 for two months, joining an overview symposium.  A final report will be made from this discussion.


26 Apr.– 30 Jun. 2016


artist residence at Pääskyvuori

Participate Japanese artists:



Related Program

Date Program Venue
12 – 29 May 2016

 Rui SAKURAI Solo show 

12 May 2016

Artist Talk

Lecture on C.A.P.

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