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Rikuo Ueda's installation

Rikuo Ueda’s exhibition “Wind”

Malmö, Sweden

Fine Arts

To be based on the concept of the earth and the wind, Ueda Rikuo has produced the works so-called “wind drawing”, by the mechanical devices that are designed to harness the wind to create the works of art.

This project’s theme is “winds~crossing Borders” focused  on the concept of coexistence with the  environment  and people. I was asked to hold the exhibition by the gallery, it’s called Rostrum in Sweden, which is a Non Profitable Organization. Gallery Rostrum is situated in Malmö and was founded 1985. As an Artist-run non profit Gallery we present a yearly programme of a large and broad variety of contemporary art through exhibitions, art-projects and cultural events. 

Ueda has worked with Danish artist Steen Rasmussen and will participate in the program of Aarhus 2017, European Capital of Culture. 


20 Aug. – 11 Sep. 2016


Gallery Rostrum

Participate Japanese artist:

Rikuo Ueda

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