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Residency “CAFE EUROPA”- Creation2015 Installation by Hiroaki Umeda

Mons 2015

Fine Arts

Contemporary culmination features extensive digital art  

Café Europa is a “new technology space” set up on the occasion of Mons 2015. The space is fitted out with internet connections, 3D printers and even a laser cutter, and links to other European cities via a large screen. Visitors encounter high-tech equipment and leading-edge technology. Nine artists were invited to take up residencies at Café Europa and pursued unique activities eliciting its potential. One was dancer and media artist Hiroaki Umeda, who won tremendous popularity with a work in progress, inviting residents and tourists dropping by to experience his visual installation consisting of such elements as projections onto eyelids and digital imagery of choreography. In a collaboration with a local digital firm, Umeda also installed an audio-visual work inside a dome-shaped art space operated by human sensory functions. The opening welcomed many visitors, who enjoyed sound and video pieces that played out around the 360° interior of the dome. Erected in a courtyard at the Conservatoire Mons, a local arts university, the dome became the locus of lively discussions between Umeda and local art students and experts.


11 -26 Oct. 2015


Cafe Europe, Dome and Oculus

Japanese artist:

Hiroaki Umeda

Works in Exhibition:

– Haptic Installation – kinesis #1 – screen firld

Works in Live Creation:

– kinesis #1 – screen field Multi MOnitor version – kinesis #2 (tentative) – Intensional Particle installation version (tentative)

Related Programme:


Schedule:15-25 Oct. 2015 Venue:Cafe Europe


Schedule:22-25 Oct. 2015 Venue:Dome

Hiroaki Umeda

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