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Rakugo – The Art of Japanese Story-Telling


Traditional Culture

Wroclaw performance and workshop by Shunputei Ichinosuke, rakugo performer traveling throughout Europe.

Although rakugo was shown in Poland before, we had an opportunity to introduce rakugo to Wroclaw. Big interest starting a few months before the date revealed a group of Polish rakugo fans ready to travel the country to see the rakugo show. The performance gathered over 150 viewers of different ages and different genres. Some of them were Japan language professionals, some general fans of Japanese cultures, some fans of theatre and even quite many young fans of anime. This mix have created very involved audience who also engaged themselves in a very interesting Q&A session after the show.

(Grazyna Pogorzelska) 


27 Jul. 2016 


Impart Hall, Wroclaw


Ichinosuke Shunputei, Koharu Tatekawa

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