Supporting Japan-related programs in European Capitals of Culture

Artwork by Soichiro Mihara

OPEN A.i.R. – a Japanese artistic residency in Pilsen

Pilsen 2015

Fine Arts

Artists-in-residence produce work while blending into local communities: Euro-Japan network of cooperation grows

The Open AiR artist-in-residence (AiR) program launched on the occasion of European Capital of Culture Plzeň 2015. In such a program the artist invited takes up residence in a given area for a given period of time and there produces work or conducts research on the region. AiR programs currently operate at institutions both large and small in many countries around the world, and while each is distinctive in its own way, together they are constructing art networks transcending national borders. Open AiR began collaborating with Youkobo Art Space of Tokyo in 2014, and the two now conduct an artist exchange program. This year the invitation went to Soichiro Mihara, who spent three months producing work in his residency. Pursuing the further development of a project he has been at work on since 2001 on the themes of art, nature and technology, the work reflecting the peculiarly Czech discoveries he made there resonated strongly among local viewers in how it leads to opportunities to revisit the environment in which one finds oneself.


6 Jul. – 20 Sep. 2015


10-19 Sep. 2015




Soichiro Mihara

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