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Open Design School: My Matera

Matera, Italy


Forty years and more later, design ideas of a Japanese architect living on in the city


5 -8 May. 2019 


Matera (Casa Cava) , Italy

Participants from Japan:

Gakutoshi Kojima (Architect)

Related program:

  • Workshop
    Date: 6-7 May. 2019
    Venue: Complesso del Casale, Matera
    Participants:  Gakutoshi Kojima, Rita Orlando, Hiroko Shirahata (linguistic mediation)
    n. 15 young professionals from ODS

  • Conference “My Matera”
    Date: 8 May. 2019
    Venue: Auditorium Casa Cava, Matera
    Participants: Hakutoshi Kojima, Paolo Verri (General Director Fondazione Matera Basilicata 2019), Lorenzo Rota (Supervisor of the biennial plans for the implementation of the restoration of the Sassi), Saverio Acito (former mayor of the city)

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