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presentation at the Japanese Garden, Wrocław

Ogasawara-ryu Reiho: The Empire of the Gestures – the living tradition of the etiquette in motion


Traditional Culture

Traditional etiquette of Japan wins attention in Europe. Lecture on etiquette, archery practice and workshop on manners by 31st-generation descendant of Ogasawara School’s originator.

Three main cities in Poland have been visited: Kraków, Wroclaw and Warszawa. In each of the locations there were lectures, workshops and presentations held. In each of the cities a substantial number of participants had an opportunity to experience, recognize and understand and practice the basic forms of the traditional Japanese etiquette. Active lectures and workshops participation and public radio interview have brought a very big interest for continuing this form of presentation of the Japanese culture in the future. There is a substantial interest in arranging a yabusame (horse mounted archery) and the Ogasawara family treasure exhibition as a part of the 100th Anniversary of the Japanese-Polish diplomatic relations establishing celebration in 2017/2018.

(Witold Rychłowski) 



21-22 Jun. 2016  

Japanese lecturer:

Japanese participant: Dr. Kiomoto Ogasawara (The 31st head of the Ogasawara-Ryu clan), Mrs Junko Ogasawara, Mr Akiyoshi Kawamura, Mrs Kimiko Fukada


Polish-Japanese Friendship foundation “Nami”

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20 Jun. 2016

Lecture workshop and presentation 

Manggha Musem (Kraków, Poland)

23-25 Jun. 2016

Warsaw University, Służewski Culture, Centruk culture and sport (Warsaw, Poland)

24 Jun. 2016

Radio interview by Dr. Kiomoto Ogasawara

Warsaw, Poland

presentation on reiho in modern business, Warsaw

lecture at the University, Wrocław

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