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Nishiaizu International Art Village: Lithuania-Japan Artist in Residence exchange program

Yama District, Fukushima, Vilnius, Lithuania

Fine Arts

Nishiaizu International Art Village and Gallery have invited many artists from European countries and have especially been keeping good relationship with Lithuanian artists and their country. After 5 years from the Great East Japan Earthquake, they restarted the exchange program to invite young Lithuanian artist and send Japanese young artist, Tetsuya TAKIZAWA, an artisan of Japanese Paper. TAKIZAWA plans to have an art exhibition of his art works which will be well researched Lithuanian history and culture on the art making process. He also will have lectures and workshops at the Vilnius Art Academy. Meanwhile, Nishiaizu International Art Village will invite young Lithuanian artist and support his/her creative activities and exhibition in Fukushima and Tokyo.  


1 Sep.-31 Oct. 2016


Vilnus Academy of Arts (Vilnus, Lithuania) 
Nishiaizu International Art Village, Space S (Yama District, Fukushima pref.)

Japanese participant:

TAKIZAWA Tetsuya (Paper artist)

Other participate artists:

Lithuanian artist selected by Lithuania artist federation

Related Program

  • Lecture and workshop by TAKIZAWA Tetsuya
    Date: Sep. or Oct. 2016
    Venue: :Vilnus Academy of Arts , Vilnus city, etc
  • Lecture by Lithuania artist, Workshop 
    Date: Sep. or Oct. 2016
    Venue:Nishiaizu International Art Village, Space S




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