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Supporting Japan-related programs in European Capitals of Culture

Nagomi Kyogenkai Czech, The Kyogen Theatre

Kyoto, Japan



16- 26 Jul. 2019 


Shigeyama rehearal stage, Kyoto International House

Participant from Japan:

Kyogen actors Shigeyama Shime, Shigeyama Motohiko

Participant from other countries:

Actors from Nagomi Kyogenkai Czech, Tomas Pavcik, Igor Dostalek, Ondrej Hybl

Related Programs:

  • Nagomi Kai Kyoto – students recitals
    Date/Venue: 21 Jul./ Kyoto Kongoh Noh stage

    Participants: Shigeyama Shime, Shigeyama Motohik

  • Humor over borders and age
    Date/Venue: 25 Jul./ Aoki Noh Theatre Kyoto

    Participants: Shigeyama Shime, Shigeyama Motohiko

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