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Motoko Hirayama, Ainu & OREKA TX ”Hybrid” BASQUE TOUR

San Sebastian2016

Performing Arts

Principles of bodily expression in Basque rhythm and Japanese dance interwoven by Motoko Hirayama


The New National Theatre of Tokyo produced a show called HYBRID: Rhythm and Dance. This dance performance is a collaboration of Basque and Japanese artists. A fantastic opportunity to show the richness of working together two ancient cultures, but in a contemporary and open way.After the production and performance in Tokyo, they will bring this show to Basque cities. 

This project is a part of San Sebastian European Capital of Culture 2016 programs and being a way of arriving with this project  to the most important Basque cities venues. 


25 -27 Mar. 2016


New National Theatre Tokyo

Basque tour:

21 – 23 Oct.:   Victoria Eugenia Theatre (San Sebastian)
26 Oct.:           Arriaga Theatre (Bilbao)
1 Nov.:            Baluarte Auditorium (Iruna) *t.b.c.
4 Nov.:            Scene Nationale du Sud-Aquitain (Baiona)*t.b.c.

Basque Artist: 

Oreka TX

Japanese participant:

Motoko Hirayama (Choreographer /Dancer/ Director)、Kenta Koijiri (Dancer)、OBA (Dancer)、Ryu Suzuki (Dancer)、Mayumu Miyagawa (Dancer) 、Yuki Nishiyama (Dancer)、Emi Toko (Musician)、Masaru Ikejima(Dancer)


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