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Supporting Japan-related programs in European Capitals of Culture

Nami Budo Matsuri/ Nami Kendo Taikai

Wroclaw, Poland

Traditional Culture

Kendo activities by Poland-Japan Friendship Foundation Nami

In the background to the establishment in Wrocław of the Nami foundation lay the enthusiasm of people with inexhaustible respect for kendo and the other martial arts of Japan. It is not difficult to imagine that what brought kendo master Hironobu Yamashiro, who has his own long track record of exchange, to respond at long last to the invitation was the sincere respect and admiration for kendo of the program’s organizer, Julian Górski.

              “Kendo strongly embodies the spirituality and traditions of Japan,”  Górski wrote in a letter to Yamashiro. “It is a Japanese martial art that I hope will find appreciation in this way among many people.”

              The example of the spread and development of kendo in Poland gives us confidence that culture of excellence does not remain isolated, but persists in its development and in the end transcends national borders.


26-27 Sep. 2015


High School no. 9 (Wroclaw, Poland)

Japanese Artists:

Hironobu Yamashiro (8th dan Hanshi kendo), Ishizaka Hidefumi (6th dan kendo), Furuichi Norio (8th dan Kyoshi iaido), Saito Yuichi (6th dan Renshi kendo/from Amsterdam)


Related Program

  • Kendo / iaido workshops

23-27 Sep. 2015 / High School no. 12, REDECO Sport Hall, MCS Sport Hall, High School no. 9


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