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Marionette Theater “Kyojin Golem (Golem the Giant)”

Kanagawa, Yokohama

Performing Arts

“The Golem” was a collaborative theater project of Czech marionettes and Japanese traditional marionettes.  What message could the lifeless puppets send to living mankind? On the globe nowadays, we observe tendencies to seek sameness and to eliminate foreigners for their religion or thoughts.  We resolved to collaborate with Czech puppet theater with different origin, history and custom compared to ours.  With all the different factors, our collaboration started with string puppets as the guide because that seemed the only common point between us.  Czech in the heart of Europe and Japan at the end of the Silk Road. How could the puppets from these two countries work together to construct a new piece of theater?  It was a tough adventure; but as we confirmed our differences while we discussed and showed techniques to one another, gradually we shared the great theme of “The Golem” (dignity of life) that was the core to create the show.  In the differences lies the meaning of creating shows with puppets.  A national puppet embodies unique thoughts and manners to the art of puppetry that was nurtured in long history of people.  Mutual respect in the course of creation brought us the great success as a result.  Creation through differences.  We believe this is indispensable for a successful international collaboration of theaters.

Written by Isshi Youki


5-12 Jun. 2016


Kanagawa Arts Theater (KAAT) Large Studio

Japanese artists:

  • Marionette(Japan) 
    Isshi Youki, Tamiko Youki, Keita Youki (ITOAYATURININGYOU”ISSHI-ZA”)
  • Music
    Yoko Sonoda
  • Actors
    Sarara Tukifune, Satoru Jitunashi, Keiko Yokota
  • Director
    Tengai Amano
  • Doll Maker
    Yumi Hayashi

Other participated artists:

  • Marionette(Czech) 
    Pavel Prochazka, Hulcova Kristynams
  • Part of Direct
    Zoja Mikotová

Related Programme:

  • Czech×Japan talk show & mini performance
    Date: 30 May 2016
    Venue: Czech Centre Tokyo

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