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Lost&Found - Munemasa Takahashi/ exhibition view

Photograph Exhibition “Lost & Found” by Munemasa Takahashi

Wroclaw 2016


The outcome of the program was a production of an exhibition in MWW (Museum of Contemporary Art Wrocław) situated in the central area of the 5th biggest city in Poland. The exhibition has been widely commented on including main radio stations (Program Pierwszy Polskiego Radia, Program Czwarty Polskiego Radia, Radio Kamus, Radio RAM) and online. The exhibition consisted of 5 exhibition spaces, two of which included video screenings. In other spaces over 3500 photos from the project Lost & Found were displayed on the walls. Moreover, two books were displayed- an original photo album and a photobook about the project made by Munemasa Takahashi.  

Written by Maciej Bujko


1-11 Sep. 2016


Wroclaw Contemporary Museum (MWW)

Japanese artists:

Munemasa Takahashi

Other participated artists:

Miyuki Hinton, Joanna Ziajka

Related Program:

●Munemasa Takahashi’s Talk
  Date: 2 Sept.2016
  Venue:  Wroclaw Contemporary Museum

Munemasa Takahashi during the artist talk

Munemasa Takahashi and Joanna Ziajka, exhibition producer during the artist talk

Munemasa Takahashi and Maciej Bujko, TIFF Festival Director during the artist talk

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