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Lecture at Photo Book Days

Landskrona Foto Festival / Photo Book Days: Lecture by Lieko Shiga

Landskrona, Sweden


 The photobook in everyone’s daily lives – to understand photography in a world of images.Last year the Photo Book Days was started during the Landskrona Fotofestival which is an annual and long-term effort to give the photobook a higher status in Sweden.Their long term goal is to raise the frequency the photobook appears in media, being reviewed and discussed. Also to give the photo authors the same status as the literary authors.They created an annual Photo Book Days with 3 international guest lecturers and publishers who present and talk about their work. In this way experience is exchanged between countries and networks created. This ultimately leads to the analysis and discussion of the photobook as a phenomenon.

*Landskrona Foto Festival:

*Photo Book Days:


21-23 Aug. 2015


Festival Center at Kasernplan

Participate Japanese artist:

Lieko Shiga

Other participate artists:

Mishka Henner (France, Britain, Belgium)
Erik Kessels (The Netherlands)
and other

Related program:

♦Lecture by Lieko Shiga

Date: 23 Aug. 2015
Venue: Landskrona Theatre
Artist: Lieko Shiga

Photo book exhibition


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