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NAMI: Japanese Martial Arts Festival 2016


Traditional Culture

 Kendo, kyudo, iaido, aikido . . . Dream competition with the traditional martial arts of Japan together under one roof.

Japanese Martial Art Festival was an unique opportunity for a meeting of the Polish and European adepts of Japanese martial arts: kendo, iaido, aikido and kyudo with their Japanese sensei and a meeting between the martial arts disciplines with each other.  The two days open to the audience included: kendo competition (Nami Kendo Taikai), kyudo tournament (The First Tournament of the Polish Kyudo League), kyudo demonstration by Japanese masters, iaido training, and aikido demonstration. Additional events were held parallel: Japanese calligraphy show and Japanese chess tournament. 10 of the Japanese sensei and about 200 of Japanese martial arts adepts have met during these days spreading Japanese culture among Wroclaw citizens and developing features, such as courtesy, self-control and modesty. 

Written by Julian Gorski


24-25 Sep. 2016



Sports Hall of the 9th High School (Wroclaw, Poland)


Japanese participant:

Hironobu Yamashiro (8-dan Hanshi Kendo), Hisao Horiguchi(7-dan Kendo),
Masami Wakamatsu (7-dan Kendo), Hidefumi Ishizaka (6-dan Kendo), 
Yuichi Saito (6-dan renshi)
Norio Furuichi (8-dan Iaido, 7-dan Kendo)
Kinich Sawada (8-dan Hanshi Kyudo), Hisayuki Toba (8-dan hanshi)
Etusji Horii (7-dan Aikido)

Related Programs:

Date Program Lecturer Venue
22-25 Sep. 2016 Kyudo Seminar  Hisayuki Toba, Kin’ich Sawada, and Polish kyudo teachers Training Hall at Sobotka
23-24 Sep. 2016 Kendo Seminar Hironobu Yamashiro, Japanese and Polish kendo teachers  MCS Wroclaw Training Hall
24-28 Sep. 2016 Iaido Seminar Norio Furuichi 9th High School, Wroclaw Physical University Training Hall
22-23 Sep. 2016 Aikido Seminar Etusji Horii Wroclaw Physical University Training Hall
24-25  Sep. 2016 3rd Wroclaw Shogi Open Championships  Wojciech Jedynak (Shogi instructor, Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI)  9th High School 




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