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Daniel Šperl – The Lifestyle of Japan

Pilsen 2015


Japan as depicted by Czech photographer during 1997 and 2015  

Daniel Sperl studied with the documentary photographer Jindřich Štreit, who traveled the world making photographs on the themes of the presence and beauty of ordinary, simple people. It is now twenty years since Štreit spent several months in Gunma prefecture, in what was then the village of Akagi photographing life in a Japanese farming community. Now his disciple Sperl has conducted a project photographing the daily routine of people not only in Gunma, but also in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Nara. The photo exhibition commanded considerable attention, with over 150 people attending the opening. All the works present in black and white. Visitors were heard to remark, “These are not sightseeing photos, they showed me a glimpse of the truth of ordinary lives,” and “I thought they were of a far-away country, but oddly there is a familiarity stirring from these photos.” It was an exhibition reminding us, through their daily lives, of what people have in common, rather than their cultural differences.


2 Sep.- 4 Oct. 2015


Jiří Trnka Gallery


Daniel Šperl http://danielsperl.wix.com/daniesperl

Photographer Daniel Šperl

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