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The 31st Skupa’s Pilsen Festival: Nori Sawa “Gauche the Cellist”

Pilsen 2015

Performing Arts

 Performance by Czech-based Japanese artist Noriyuki Sawa

“Gauche the Cellist” is a joint production by the Czech-based puppetry artist Noriyuki Sawa and the JT Biohistory Research Hall in Osaka. Jakub Hora, director of the Alfa Puppet Theatre in Plzeň, encountered the work at the Iida Puppet Festival in 2014, which then led to its performance at European Capital of Culture Plzeň. Interweaving cello and piano playing, puppetry, speech, paper cutouts and images of sand pictures, the work was produced to mark the 20th anniversary of the JT Bioihistory Research Hall. Replete with statements by Sawa touching on the mission of the Biohistory Research Hall to lend an ear to the stories of the smallest creatures and “live life as part of Nature” and the worldview of Kenji Miyazawa depicting how Gauche grows through his involvement with animals, the performance proved tremendously moving for adults as well as children.


3, 4 Sep. 2015


The Alfa Theatre


Nori Sawa 


“Gauche the Cellist”


JT Biohistory Research Centre Tokyo *Skupa’s Pilsen Festival:

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